Where the stars live - click to see more (infographic by rentenna)

No point trying to talk urban policy while the Julia and Kevin show is in full swing, so here’s something not all that different – stars and celebs. The Urbanist’s angle is it’s the geography of New York stardom. Where do the stars live?

The exhibit shows Manhattan south of the Garment District. If you click through you’ll see there’s another cluster around Central Park, mainly on the Upper West Side. I expect the pattern reflects the relative status of different parts of the city.

Star watchers might be able to see some gossipy matters of interest, like exes living side-by-side exes, or a pattern based on star status or film genre, or something like that. Sadly, I have to admit there’re quite a few names that mean nothing to me – for example, the only names in Brooklyn I recognize are Steve Buscemi and Anne Hathaway.

Points of interest:

  • There’s a “big hole” between Nicole and Keith in the vicinity of 23rd Street and Michael J Fox around 58th Street (bear in mind that these days all of Manhattan south of at least circa 125th St is pretty up-market)
  • Quite a number of celebs live in Brooklyn, which seems consistent with its growing trendiness
  • Hardly any celebs live on the Upper East Side, although Madonna is hardly anyone

According to the comments on the original article, there’re some omissions. Apparently, Hugh Jackman lives in the West Village, Tom Cruise in the East Village and Demi Moore in Upper West Side. Another commentor says there are more celebs in Brooklyn too – “Norah Jones in Cobble Hill, Paul Giamatti in Brooklyn Heights, Michelle Williams in Boerum Hill, Maggie Gyllenhal in Park Slope, Rosie Perez in Fort Greene, Carrie Russel in Carrol Gardens, Lily Taylor in Cobble Hill, Hope Davis in Boerum Hill”.