Wealth inequality in America

The video, Wealth inequality in America, is a more recent and more elaborate version of the simple chart I posted back at the start of 2011, The distribution of wealth: perception vs reality.

The data comes from this paper, Building a better America – one wealth quintile at a time, by behavioural economists Michael Norton and Dan Ariely, from the Harvard Business School and Duke University, respectively.

Here are the references given in the video:

It’s the inequality, stupid (Mother Jones)

Wealth inequality (Dan Areily)

How unequal we are: the top 5 facts you should know about the wealthiest one percent of Americans (ThinkProgress)

CEO pay is 380 times average workers (CNN Money)

And here’s a critical view, Youtube wealth inequality video fails to tell the whole story.

I’ve posted on this topic a number of times before e.g. Is equality of opportunity a myth?Are today’s houses so big they’re unseemly?Does equality of opportunity produce…equality?; and US inequality: a graphic history.

PS. Matt Cowgill draws my attention to a study of wealth distribution in Australia by the same authors and others commissioned by the ACTU, Australian attitudes towards wealth inequality and progressive taxation (now for the video…). I’ll come back and looks at it in detail soon.

PPS And Andrew Leigh on Twitter today mentions this new Brookings study, Inequality rising and permanent over past two decades.