Cyclists from above, Utrecht The Netherlands. Source: NL Cycling

The winners of the two copies of Where to Ride provided by Bicycling Australia for the current competition are Sian Dart and Jane Lodge.

They answered the questionHow many bicycles in the one household is just too bloody many?

They didn’t win because of their answers (as sensible as they are) but because the random number generator at picked them out for the prizes.

If you’re looking for an answer to this challenging and important question, go to the comments on the competition page. Sian reckons one per cyclist in the household plus a spare. Jane says she’s already got seven but it’s not enough!

Martin Mankowski responded by asking his own question: “how long is a piece of string”? Martin actually knows the answer – it’s at least 17 bicycles:

You need:

  • A commuter for work
  • 2 for road cycling (one training bike, 1 race bike)
  • A touring bike for long distances
  • A time trial bike for triathlons
  • A mountain bike for any off road stuff
  • A fixie for when you ride to any hipster areas to have a latte or cider
  • A penny farthing for any novelty events
  • A unicycle in case you join the circus
  • A tandem bike to ride with your partner (whilst humming the obligatory ‘Pushbike Song’ by the mixtures!)
  • A BMX so you can give your mates a ‘dink’
  • An old bike with no chain you can leave in the front yard to rust and have the grass grow over
  • A bike with spokie dokies and a flag pole you can ride to school for bike ed
  • A $15,000 super light weight carbon bike you never ride cause you’re too scared you’ll crash it
  • One of those push bikes with a little motor that have a top speed of walking pace, for when you cant be bothered pushing into that 60km/h head wind.
  • The bike with the dodgy seat and slow leak tyre that you give to friends to ride when they stupidly come over without their bike.
  • The bike that weighs a tonne and so you never use, but keep just because you like the colour!

I’m sure i’ve missed a few here. I’ll just go and check my garage…

Sian and Jane will each receive a copy of Where to Ride for the Australian city of their choice courtesy of the publisher, Cycling Australia.

I’d like to know how many bicycles the Dutch think is enough (see exhibit). I suspect they see them like most of us see cars – as an unexciting but necessary commodity to get you from A to B.

A lot of cyclists in Australia see it as something special – it’s racing, it’s exercise, it’s ‘cycle chic’, it’s advocacy, it’s identity – but it’s not often hum-drum transport.

We’re cycling enthusiasts. We’re a little bit analogous to, dare I say it, “rev heads”, aren’t we? (“cad heads”, “cad lads”?)