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Assorted links from around the traps:

  • A ‘ghost bike’ in Brisbane in memory of Richard Pollett who was run over and killed by a cement truck while riding on Moggill Rd. Warning: the comments on that article could induce depression.
  • If only all streets looked like these. 15 really charming side streets from across the world. Unfortunately, amplified sound is the mortal enemy of intimate living (and natural ventilation) and the ally of double glazing.
  • Urbis says Melbourne’s CBD parking tax hasn’t reduced traffic congestion and harms CBD businesses and retailers. I reckon it’s way too low to reduce demand – it’s real purpose is to recoup some of the negative externalities of driving in the CBD.
  • Wilkinson Eyre Architects design chosen for Crown’s proposed hotel and casino at Barangaroo. Nice design Mr Packer but please reserve the ‘icon’ references for the Opera House. Oh, and the government hasn’t decided if you can have a casino yet. Phillip Cox says, “It’s just bullshit to me”.
  • The Greens Greg Barber used FOI to get access to a bundle of e-mails between consultants and government agencies working on the East-West Link. There’s more redaction than substance. I reckon the Linking Melbourne Authority should now be called the Linking Melbourne Redactory.
  • Architectural Record is soliciting votes for the ten buildings that most shaped US culture. PBS has made a documentary on the subject and released its list of the buildings “that have changed the way Americans live, work and play”. Robie House is No. 4, Seagram building No. 7, and Disney Concert Hall No. 10.
  • VicRoad’s proposed design for Chapel St bike lane in Melbourne. I don’t think so. What were they thinking?