The Australian Bureau of Statistics does its own SimCity

Assorted links from around the traps:

  • Run That Town. The ABS does its own version of SimCity, sort of. Use real Census data to take control of any neighbourhood in Australia. My gaming experience doesn’t run much beyond UW2, but I hear the reception’s been favourable.
  • The winners of the Lodge on the Lake design ideas competition for a new official residence for the Prime Minister on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin. There’s a similarity in these proposals. I’d really like to see  a statement from the jury explaining its reasoning (if there is one).
  • 211 Elizabeth St Manhattan. This is a new building. Why don’t we see more developments that are traditional in style but don’t come across as ‘fake’? Architecture critic Paul Goldberger: “We often preserve buildings not so much because we love what we’re protecting, it’s because we fear what will replace it”.
  • Cyclist, Andy Sheats: “I only want one small thing. I want drivers to pass cyclists with the same care and safety that they would take in passing their own son, daughter or loved one.”
  • Urban class warfare: are cities built for the rich? “I replace the traditional concept of class struggle with the struggle of all those who produce and reproduce urban life”, says Marxist urban theorist David Harvey. Back in the day, Harvey was the man.
  • Bike share: Nimby vis Yimby. A really good video explaining the key issues in establishing NYC’s bike share scheme (it starts on Monday).