Sydney gasps for clean air above the Fog of Law earlier this week. Source: someone on Twitter's husband took this photo from his office window

Assorted links from around the traps:

  • Architect Santiago Calatrava: “Florida Polytechnic is special to me because here we have demonstrated that you can have high-end design within a strict budget. Beauty is not the equivalent of expensive.”
  • Second annual report from the UK’s Major Project’s Authority. Bent Flyvbjerg likes it: “The performance of the government’s most expensive and important projects has been revealed for the first time”. Spend Matters UK/Europe thinks it’s pretty good too: “it shows both a degree of openness around what is going on in government that we rarely see, and it shows a more rigorous approach to project and programmes than we’ve ever had.”
  • A new design for the humble egg-crate. This is what real designers do – an optimised synthesis of visual appeal, function, economy, ease of manufacture/distribution, consumer acceptability, etc, etc, etc.
  • Cyclist pulled over by police “because he wasn’t wearing lycra”. The Daily Mail asks: “do they think they’re the fashion police?” Would the world be a poorer place if the MSM stopped selecting sub editors for their punning skills?
  • How do you deal with perpetually late people who say that’s just how they are? I’m not one of them but I’ve known a few, in fact heaps. I’ve learned the hard way that it’s true – that’s really just how they are.
  • Australia tops the OECD’s list of world’s happiest countries for the third year running, beating Sweden into second place. Who says money doesn’t make you happy?
  • Secret small spaces: Melbourne’s laneways. They’re “a perfect playground for hide and seek, for the big reveal. Perhaps, even, for reinvention”, says Susan Paterson. But can they keep the dollar down?
  • Schools shock! Wesley will refuse $7 million federal funding. Needs of state system greater! “Wesley College Melbourne, one of the nation’s oldest and most elite private schools, has announced that it will decline $7M annual federal funding from the end of the financial year. The decision followed a meeting of 6000 current parents and other stakeholders held last night at the Rod Laver Arena. ‘As a faith based school with considerable advantages we believe it is unfair that we take money from the tax payer when we don’t really need it and the state education system is so underfunded’ said a spokesperson for the school Council.” Ha! Ha! Sounds like The Onion. Or could it be a response to the charge that “the school has lost its moral compass?” No, it’s not true.