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Jul 9, 2013

An Avalanche of links for urbanists

Cool happenings in Paris; Give Way signs for pedestrians; Weird is good for Portland; the streetcar of the future; the largest building in the world; inequality; what makes a work of art seem dated; the economics of 'slut-shaming'; the opportunity cost of streets; and more


Imagine an airport in Manhattan. It would've parted the waters like Moses!

Take a gander at these assorted links from around the traps:

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One thought on “An Avalanche of links for urbanists

  1. rubbo mike

    Hi Alan, here’s a topic which might not have loomed in view, the charm and worth of the single screen. Often under threat of closing, I believe that on the contrary, as some of us switch to phones and pads for our viewing, and others realize how lonely is the multiplex, there’ll be a return to the classic picture palace, though on a smaller scale.

    It’s not easy. Everything is against them except the love and loyalty of patrons

    The case against five screens.


    And the Heritage issue. The last of the last.


    Mount Vic Flicks


    Swanpool magic. (near Mansfield)



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