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Jul 19, 2013

An Aroma of links for urbanists

Compare cities side-by-side; hipster traps; the magic of sharing; noise in cities; perceptions aren't always reality; the most diverse cities in the US; exercise doesn't stop obesity; Kisho Kurokawa's famous Tokyo capsule tower to be demolished

Alan Davies — Editor of The Urbanist

Alan Davies

Editor of The Urbanist

World cities compared by area of urbanisation and density

Have a sniff of these assorted links from around the traps:

  • Most diverse cities in America. Vallejo, CA tops the list. Six of the ten least diverse cities are white dominated, but the top two are hispanic. None of the top 20 least diverse cities are black dominated.
  • Perceptions are not reality: British public wrong about nearly everything. “15 per cent of of girls under 16 are thought to become pregnant every year, when official figures say the amount is closer to 0.6 per cent.”
  • Two great articles in Nautilus: Traffic ghost hunting – when the biggest problem with traffic is nothing at all; and Unhappy truckers – transport optimisation starts with the math but ends with understanding human behaviour.

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One thought on “An Aroma of links for urbanists

  1. Dylan Nicholson

    You need to promote your little event in the Melbourne Writers Festival next month (, I actually found out about it via the Bike Snob NYC blog…I feel I should probably attend…