Ah, just what every rail traveller wants for Christmas - "re-create the misery in miniature"

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This year’s lists clearly show the Melbourne-centric orientation of The Urbanist. I defend this undoubted bias on two grounds.

First, the sorts of articles published here seek to be analytical and grounded in evidence; they’re self-conciously not “news” or “frippery”. That approach needs good first-hand knowledge and I happen to live in Melbourne. I can’t write about most of these issues in other cities with the same depth or level of confidence.

Second, the sorts of issue discussed here almost always apply to the other capitals; as Melbourne falls between big, dense Sydney on the one hand, and the other small low density capitals on the other, it’s a fair choice as a “representative” Australian city.

Having said all that, I do make a concious effort to write about other cities and to ignore issues that don’t easily “travel” beyond Melbourne’s ample borders.