Hot bicycle (Salvador Dali?)

Are politicians doing what’s needed to grow our cities?

The transport and planning policies routinely touted by politicians won’t equip Australian cities to cope with projected growth. Much more fundamental, but politically difficult, actions are needed

Building (rail) connections across the suburbs

Guest writer Grant Wyeth says the priority for governments should be to connect major activity centres in the middle ring and outer suburbs with orbital rail lines

Are humans meant to live in high-rise towers?

Social psychologist and author Hugh Mackay reckons the City of Parramatta’s plan to build more high-rise residential towers is a big mistake because it’s not how humans are meant to live

How best to measure travel in Sydney?

How travel is measured in a city like Sydney is important because over-reliance on a single metric can lead policy-makers to under value the potential of land use changes and of particular modes

We’ve done it before, so why can’t we build heaps more rail lines?

It might seem easy to build more rail lines given so many were built in the past. But in some cases we wouldn’t tolerate the same conditions that provided much of our legacy infrastructure

Is walking the only way to get to the station?

Train travellers in Sydney mostly live within walking distance of a station, suggesting that feeder modes like buses and bicycles aren’t being deployed effectively to attract more distant users

Are motorways the only answer to traffic congestion?

Contrary to Mr Abbott’s assertion, the East West Link isn’t necessary to reduce urban traffic congestion; it’s a symptom of the failure of governments at all levels to manage excessive demand.

Is rail performing at its peak in Australian cities?

Like other Australian cities, Sydney’s rail system is consciously designed with the capacity to accommodate brief peaks of intense demand. Smoothing the peaks would reduce costs significantly

Why don’t more train travellers ‘bike and ride’?

Bicycles are hardly used at all for cycling to the station in Austalia’s major cities; one reason is lack of secure bicycle storage at rail stations but it’s only one of a number of constraints

What costs society more: cars or trains?

The private cost of driving is much higher than taking public transport, but negatives like traffic congestion and road casualties mean the social cost of driving is similar to the public subsidy for trains and buses

Designing memorials: is simple and subtle the best way?

The design of emotionally intense projects like memorials needs “great imagination and deep subtlety”; memorials are one of the hardest and most fraught commissions a designer can take on

Is it really “game over” for the East West Link?

It’s a mistake to think it’s game, set and match for Melbourne’s East West Link motorway just because the Andrews’ Government cancelled the contract. There’s seldom a match point in politics

Should light rail to Doncaster be a key priority for Melbourne?

The standard of public transport in Melbourne is apparently so high that some think the city can afford to make notions like a new light rail line to Doncaster a key priority