Melbourne in winter

Do governments deliberately over-state the cost of transport projects?

Governments are often accused of over-estimating the cost of major transport projects in order to make them look unrealistic. Of course that’s wrong; it’s almost always the other way around

Do we need a wider focus than traffic congestion?

VicRoads acknowledges that addressing traffic congestion needs a wider view than simply building more roads. Sure, but preparing cities for the future also needs a broader view than congestion

Do a third of Melbourne workers really commute by public transport?

Half of all commuters in Sydney and more than a third in Melbourne travel to their job by public transport according to The Age. Sounds wonderful, but unfortunately Fairfax got it wrong

Can apartment residents be trusted to make their own decisions?

A new report from Victoria’s Planning Minister shows 3/4 of new 1 and 2 bedroom apartments in Melbourne are smaller than the NSW minimum. If there’s a problem it’s in NSW, not Victoria

Does getting to work take way too long?

Bill Shorten’s claim that most workers spend excessive time traveling to work by car isn’t true. The key issue isn’t time; it’s how many kilometres workers commute and what mode they use

Are “dog box” apartments the work of rapacious landlords?

Those who label small apartments as “slums” rarely live in one themselves and are usually in a different demographic; they simply don’t get the rational calculation actual residents make

Should car share users pay for parking?

The City of Melbourne is considering a proposal to triple the number of on-street parking spaces reserved for car share by 2021. But it looks like Council won’t subsidise the cost of parking

Are the fines for lower level speeding offences too onerous?

Enormous numbers of infringement notices for speeding are issued each year. More than three quarters are for relatively low level offences yet the level of fines is punitive for ordinary households

Is cycling really declining in Australia?

Participation in cycling for recreation and transport is falling in Australia according to a national survey published last week. Fortunately, the news isn’t as bad as it sounds

Does “good design” actually mean “more stuff”?

A common argument in the debate around apartment standards is size doesn’t matter; good design does. But “good design” looks like code for making residents have “more stuff” they don’t want

Do multi-storey carparks at railway stations make sense?

Building multi-level car parks at local rail stations might seem like a smart idea if it gives more travelers the opportunity to use trains for most of their journey. But it’s costly and isn’t likely to drive patronage

The need for Melbourne Metro is far from clear

Guest writer Liam Egerton argues there’s a simpler, cheaper and quicker option for creating a modern metro in Melbourne than the proposed $9-$11 billion Melbourne Metro tunnel under the CBD