Couldn't resist snapping this little cutie in Fairfield, Melbourne, the other day; looked like she was saddled up for Tekelrennen 2015, aka the Running of the Wieners

Does ‘peak car’ mean traffic congestion is going away?

There’s a misconception that the passing of ‘peak car’ also means the passing of ‘peak traffic congestion’. That’s not true and hence demands for more motorways to combat congestion will persist

Will Infrastructure Victoria improve the standard of political promises?

Victoria’s Opposition reckons the lack of a rail line to Melbourne Airport is a major and pressing problem for the city. Evaluating claims like this must be a key role of Infrastructure Victoria

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Apartment standards: is policy being made in a vacuum?

It looks like Victoria’s Planning Minister has gone too far on minimum apartment standards to back off now. It’s up to the Premier to make sure the proper analysis is done first

Why is the number of cycling fatalities falling?

Cycling is riskier than driving but contrary to popular wisdom the long term trend in the number of riders killed on Australian roads is downward (but not such good news for MAMILs)

Do architects go crazy when they design their own houses?

The stereotype is architects go into “batshit crazy” mode when they’ve got the freedom to design their own house. A new book suggests that’s out of date; these architects focus on good design

How popular were trains, trams and cycling in 1951?

Back in 1951, public transport still dominated the journey to work in Australian cities. For example, it accounted for more than half of work trips in Melbourne; only 20% of workers commuted by car

Is being “the world’s most liveable city” such a big deal?

Yet again The Economist’s Global Liveability Index is dominated by Australasian and Canadian cities, but it says little about their differences or what they’re like to live in permanently

Has an acceptable case been made for this (road) project?

Victoria’s Auditor-General reckons the Government hasn’t properly assessed the unsolicited proposal from toll operator Transurban for the widening of CityLink and Tullamarine freeways

Does anyone care about getting the numbers right on infrastructure?

The standard of public debate around infrastructure projects seems to be constantly beset by misinformation around costs and revenues; there’s little to suggest it’s going to get better

How is it cars had taken over the streets by 1976?

Car use grew rapidly in Australia in the immediate post-war era. By 1976 cars accounted for 70% of all commutes across the nation’s capital cities. It had all the hallmarks of an irresistible force

Does using public transport make the community healthier?

A new US study finds that mode share and accessibility by public transport aren’t correlated significantly with health outcomes. If the study’s right, how could that be?

Is the planning of new fringe suburbs getting better?

A press report about a new urban fringe suburb plays to the stereotypes of sprawl but the critics seem to have little idea about what’s really happening with new outer suburban developments