Green streets, Hong Kong
Green streets, Hong Kong

Is this ranking of “the most liveable suburbs” believable?

Liveability is a handy idea but it’s hard to define it in a useful way. However the media love a list, so we invariably end up with flawed exercises like this one from Fairfax

Cities: what’s the responsibility of the media?

It’s great that Fairfax is actively promoting discussion about cities and putting new information in the public realm; but with that goes a responsibility to ensure the input is useful and relevant

What should Turnbull do to prepare our cities for the future?

Here are five “politically courageous” proposals to improve Australia’s major cities for the consideration of Malcolm Turnbull, Greg Hunt and Jamie Briggs

Is more public transport the answer to traffic congestion?

A new report projects congestion is likely to continue increasing in Australian cities. There are the predictable calls for more public transport but, like motorways, transit won’t reduce congestion

Is it high time Melbourne got a rail line to the airport?

64 of the world’s busiest airports are served by heavy or light rail but Melbourne Airport, which ranks 50th, isn’t. Wisely, the Victorian Government has no plans to build a rail line yet

Can Australian cities be built with a distinctive look?

Some cities like central Paris developed a characteristic built form; they have a distinctive urban character. Brisbane City Council aims to grow the centre of Brisbane with a distinguishing sub-tropical spirit

Can we build a metro just like the one Paris’s got?

Many Australians form their views about how public transport should work from their experiences of cities in other countries. But we can’t expect to replicate something like the Paris Metro

Where are the most liveable suburbs in Sydney?

Another week and another list of “most liveable something or others”. This one is for Sydney suburbs but like all league tables there’re more problems than virtues

Is cycling so successful in Amsterdam because it’s as flat as a pancake?

Infrastructure is often cited as the explanation for Amsterdam’s astonishingly high bicycle use. And so it is, but what gets overlooked is topography. Hilly cities can’t do as well

Are councils dealing with the problem of inner suburban parking?

A recent court decision highlights the inability of local and state governments to deal effectively with the problems of parking in inner suburban areas where density is increasing

How dense are our cities compared to Paris?

The population density of metropolitan Paris is five times that of Melbourne. It explains a lot about why Australian cities have developed in different ways and must devise local solutions