Will politicians ever do anything real about cars in our cities?

Politicians like to give the impression they’re taking action to prepare our cities for growth but it’s mostly rhetoric; they continue to avoid taking serious action to address the role of cars

Will ever-bigger fines stop trucks smashing into rail bridges?

Trucks always seem to be hitting overhead rail bridges causing disruption and endangering other road users. But ever-bigger fines aren’t likely to do much to address the problem

Is cycling on roads getting safer or more dangerous?

The probability of getting killed while cycling on the road in Australia is declining in “real” terms. However progress with serious injuries doesn’t seem to be as positive

Is the future of this train line up in the air?

The Victorian Government wants to elevate 8 km of existing suburban rail line in Melbourne. The rationale for elevation sounds good at first glance but needs to be substantiated

“Dogboxes”: does what goes on outside of new apartments matter?

Residents can work out for themselves if their apartment is big enough or has enough light. Where they really need help from government is with problems coming from outside their walls

Surely the media can do better than this?

The relentlessly negative way the mainstream media presented the Andrews Government’s planned ‘sky train’ highlights the immense power it has to shape the way policy is made

Is NSW’s one-metre cycling law a good idea?

NSW’s new law requiring motorists to leave a minimum distance when overtaking cyclists is a welcome initiative but it’s only the first step in much-needed change to protect vulnerable road users

Should public transport be free for school students?

Making public transport free for school students sounds good but it would be expensive; it would be inequitable; and it’s doubtful it would shift many students out of cars and into buses and trains

Is it a problem there’s no Minister for Cities anymore?

Malcolm Turnbull doesn’t need a Minister for Cities; his decision to take direct control of the portfolio is personal. It is very likely, as he says, an improvement on previous arrangements

Will simply building more public transport seriously suppress car use?

The Prime Minister’s enthusiasm for cities is welcome. Now he needs to come to grips with the painful reality of how ineffectual most of the fashionable urban policy prescriptions are

Is value capture the silver bullet for funding infrastructure?

Value capture is fashionable but it’s complex and politically difficult. Although it should have a place in funding infrastructure, it’s not a silver bullet; it’s contribution is likely to be modest

Is the Australian Infrastructure Plan on the money?

Infrastructure Australia’s new Plan contributes to the policy debate. Good. What we need now is selection of good projects and concerted action to improve the nation’s infrastructure

Is Melbourne really about to get an international-style metro?

Victoria’s Premier reckons the planned new Melbourne Metro tunnel will create a metro system to rival the world’s best. Wrong; a name doesn’t endow a system with magical metro qualities

Do residents think more public open space is a fair price for Skyrail?

The Andrews Government is selling Skyrail on the 11 MCGs worth of public open space it will create but the hostile reaction of locals suggests that’s not enough of a benefit to compensate for the cost

Can RMIT keep spinning the Design Hub story?

RMIT says it’s replacing all 16,000 discs on the outer facade of the Design Hub to “go solar”. Very commendable but RMIT has a history of spinning this project and seems intent on playing on