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Apr 20, 2017

  1. Modern cities owe their cleanliness to these innovative old sewers. Crucial advances in where we’ve historically put our shit
  2. Meet the ‘New Urban Luddites’. We need a stronger word than ‘NIMBY’ to describe how destructive “winner-take-all” urbanism can be
  3. Which cities and countries have the most concentrated populations?
  4. What are the economic benefits of cultural diversity?
  5. Where is the world’s most sprawling city?
  6. Walkspot – pin on the map the places in Melbourne you feel are safe or unsafe for walking

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One thought on “Thursday links

  1. Teddy

    Thank you for your recent posts to Sydney, Alan, much appreciated. We’re a pretty fascinating city too (though obviously not as much as Melbourne). And here’s a link from up here…

    And one I enjoyed. Occasionally the right wing nutters who have taken over City Journal do actually talk about cities!