1. The Self-Driving Dilemma – we’re going to need to share autonomous vehicles
  2. Tobacco taxes are regressive – monster taxes are not the way to manage addictive drugs
  3. Why has crime dropped in most western countries? Better security!
  4. ‘Black branding’ — how a D.C. neighborhood was marketed to white millennials
  5. US metro areas achieving inclusive economic growth – the surprisingly short list
  6. I’m multimodal, aren’t you? – How ego-centric anchoring biases experts’ perceptions of travel patterns
  7. Cities are at the heart of the inequality that divides the US. Richard Florida argues they’re also the key to the solution.
  8. Australia’s journalism is in mortal danger. Politicians should join the fight to save it
  9. Gentrification and Its Discontents. US cities attract the rich with amenities and the poor with services. But they are failing the middle class.

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