Looking 50 years ahead – Melbourne fantasy rail map 2070 (source: Adam Mattinson)

Last year Adam Mattinson showed us his fantasy rail map for Melbourne in 2047; now he’s produced a new version that looks 50 years ahead to 2070. This time he’s really put the fancy in fantasy! Adam explains:

With this map I thought it would be fun to take the major rail proposals and combine them with some of the railways that were decommissioned in the 1950s-60s, or converted to light rail i.e. recommissioning some of these lines.  

It is most definitely a fantasy map, of what might have been had we held onto a lot of those lines, and if proposals such as the 1969 Transportation plan had some money put into them. It really doesn’t represent a network that reflects the current population distribution. 

It’s got the Inner Circle (Royal Park to Clifton Hill), Outer Circle (Fairfield to Hughesdale), as well as the Dandenong-Frankston and Knox railway lines proposed in the 1969 Transportation Plan, meaning that the network is orbital (well, mostly for the east side). 

Down the south side of the city I’ve also included the Rosstown railway, and the Port Melbourne line (now tram route 109), as well as the former St Kilda line, which at one stage was proposed to continue to Elwood.  Some other former rail lines include the Red Hill and Mornington lines on the peninsula and the Healesville and Warburton lines in the Yarra Valley, all of which were decommissioned around the 60’s or so. 

A very small line known as the Mont Park asylum I’ve also included, but as a line to University Hill in Bundoora.  At some stage I believe a railway line was proposed for the transport corridor reservation that we now know as Eastlink, so I’ve thrown that in as well.

Adam says part of the appeal of cartography is thinking about the big “what ifs?”

Part of the fantasy as well is thinking how differently people of Melbourne would be moving around, how development tends to be in proximity to these corridors, and how a radial network might have played a part in decentralising Melbourne. 

Curmudgeons please note this is a fantasy map. See also Fantasy tram map 2048 Melbourne and Melbourne fantasy rail map 2047.