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Aug 4, 2017

Weekend reading August 5/6

Alan Davies — Editor of The Urbanist

Alan Davies

Editor of The Urbanist

  1. Planners know depressingly little about a city’s impacts on our mental health and Can cities and towns make us healthier?
  2. Why I’m angry about the city I love
  3. Saving Sirius has nothing to do with sexiness or leftist ideology, it’s the rule of law
  4. What Jane Jacobs Got Wrong About Cities
  5. Downsizing cost trap awaits retirees – five reasons to be wary
  6. Project Evaluation Summary Cross River Rail
  7. The Knowledge City Index: Sydney takes top spot but Canberra punches above its weight
  8. 9 barriers to walking in Sydney
  9. Vanishing Australian backyards leave us vulnerable to the stresses of city life

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