1. Canberra: good planning can lead to better public transport
  2. Electric hybrid car emits four times more CO₂ than advertised, real-world testing shows – a purportedly eco-friendly hybrid electric car emits four times more greenhouse gas than manufacturers claim
  3. Is this the world you should want? – We use a machine learning algorithm to identify potential social capital measures that best predict neighborhood-level variation in labor market networks
  4. Becoming more urban: attitudes to medium-density living are changing in Sydney and Melbourne
  5. Study finds Bus Rapid Transit more comparable to light rail than previously thought – A new study challenges the conventional wisdom regarding the superiority of light rail over bus rapid transit
  6. De Blasio’s traffic plan won’t work – Mayor de Blasio’s new gridlock-busting scheme to ban rush-hour deliveries is a non-starter according to transit experts
  7. Sirius heritage listing – Minister’s decision on NSW Heritage Council’s recommendation and reasons
  8. Back to the future for London – Londoners have always envisaged the future, sometimes bizarrely
  9. ‘Our central forecast will almost certainly be wrong’: Reserve Bank deputy Guy Debelle – applies to other forecasting too e.g. population, traffic
  10. The Flip Side of NIMBY Zoning – Richard Florida argues land-use restrictions make cities unaffordable, but they also keep inequality between regions from becoming even worse. Noah Smith disagrees.
  11. The case that humans are creating new species despite killing off so many – biodiversity is flourishing in parallel to the extinction crisis, according to a conservation biologist. Matt Ridley reviews the book and agrees with the author
  12. ‘Acting white’ for white people and On Safari in Trump’s America – The country’s elites are desperate to figure out what they got wrong in 2016. But can they handle the truth?