1. What’s up with that: building bigger roads actually makes traffic worse – So remember, the reason you’re stuck in traffic isn’t all these jerks around you who don’t know how to drive; it’s just the road that you’re all driving on
  2. Securing the streets – A better approach to New York traffic would help prevent terror and keep New Yorkers safer all around
  3. The Shouting Class – Not for the first time, I started to worry that social media technology is hurting our popular discourse and our national politics
  4. Fires aren’t the only threat to the California dream – The area has some of the most progressive voters and policymakers in the nation, yet it has also adopted some of the most regressive housing policies, with large costs for low-income renters and the environment
  5. London’s Oxford Street could be traffic-free by December 2018, says mayor – Large parts of London’s Oxford Street could be pedestrianised by December 2018, under plans put forward by London Mayor Sadiq Khan
  6. The GOP’s suburban nightmare – Karen Handel’s victory in Georgia’s 6th District wasn’t a triumph. It was a warning for a party losing its grip on the places that forged its modern identity
  7. Once so chic and swooshy, freeways are falling out of favour – Several US cities face pressure to tear down the 1960s-era mega-roads and reinstate pedestrian-friendly streets. Jane Jacobs told you so!
  8. In defence of Sydney’s Westconnex motorway – The acrimonious battle over Australia’s largest motorway may be a case study in how class conflict plays out across the ‘post-industrial’ metropolis
  9. There’s convincing evidence that speed limits are way too low – The US National Motorists Association reckons speed limits are too slow to be safe
  10. Can we just call this a bus? – New “trackless trains” out of China suggest buses by any other name could smell sweeter
  11. Disney ends ban on Los Angeles Times amid fierce backlash – The compay reversed its decision to bar The Los Angeles Times from press screenings of its movies following an investigation by the newspaper into the media giant’s business dealings in Anaheim
  12. The awful legacy of lead – Exposure to the toxin leads to higher risk of miscarriages, new research finds, in addition to other long-lasting effects