1. Driverless cars could be a solution to climate change – But for this scenario to work, something major has to happen: Large numbers of people have to give up their cars and start sharing rides
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  9. Ice apocalypse – Rapid collapse of Antarctic glaciers could flood coastal cities by the end of this century
  10. Quick thread on sexual harassment – A lot of men are surprised to find that most women have been harassed. Why?
  11. Time demands in economics – I keep telling myself I am done with these diversity blog posts
  12. The creep of critical theory – The idea that there is a singular purpose to human discourse – fighting oppression – to which all discourse must be subordinate, has gradually taken over institution after institution
  13. How a congestion tax might work in Australia – On congested roads, reducing traffic by 5 per cent can increase traffic speeds by up to 50 per cent