Bunjil Place – 24,500 sq m of community space in the City of Casey, 35 km from Melbourne CBD



Is this underpass promise under-developed?

The promise by the Opposition in Victoria to grade-separate 55 congested intersections is likely to be politically appealing, but the case hasn’t been made it’s a sensible policy

How will driverless vehicles change our cities?

Once the difficult transition period when human controlled vehicles are still common is over, a world of fully driverless vehicles should be a lot different from today

Should we demand more of heavy vehicle drivers?

It’s time to consider if heavy vehicle driver licensing should require that applicants understand the risks they pose for others and are committed to protecting their welfare

Are there easy fixes for traffic congestion?

Politicians like to sell new roads and rail lines as the solution to traffic congestion but it’s an illusion. There are no quick or politically easy fixes for peak-hour traffic

Does driving matter for a city’s liveability?

Driving will inevitably continue to have a huge impact on the liveability of Australia’s growing cities – policy-makers must stop ignoring the car and start “taming” it

Congestion charging: are these criticisms fatal?

There are a number of key criticisms of congestion charging; they carry weight and must be addressed in implementation, but no, they’re not fatal flaws

Is congestion charging too inequitable?

Congestion charging shouldn’t be peremptorily written off as inequitable without examining closely how it would work and who the likely winners and losers would be


Is the popularity of cycling on the wane?

One interpretation of a recent survey of cycling is that riding is losing popularity in cities. Maybe, or perhaps the numbers fluctuate between surveys in ways that aren’t a big worry


What’s the problem airport rail would solve?

There needs to be a clear and focused justification for spending billions of dollars on building a rail line from the CBD to Melbourne Airport

Is this the end for BRT in Doncaster?

The Victorian Government won’t say why it’s turned down a proposal from a private company to build a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system from Doncaster to the city centre


Who’s noticed the suburbs are turning green?

One of the great unheralded changes in Australia’s cities was the greening of the suburbs – both old and new – over the last thirty to fifty years

Will Fishermans Bend meet its sustainability target?

It’s easy to give the appearance of being progressive when the proof of the pudding won’t be known until 2050, but sometimes inconvenient truths can’t be overlooked

Is Sydney really full to the brim?

It’ll make mistakes like it always has, but Sydney’s problem with growth isn’t about physical capacity. The issue is most existing home owners don’t want things to change

Do the suburbs make you fat?

Suburbanites are fatter than inner city residents, but it might not be because the suburbs are more car-oriented; it might be because the two regions attract different types of people



What books to read over the holidays?

Like the ABC, The Urbanist is in summer recess but back for special occasions; this time it’s The Urbanist’s annual list of good books – mostly novels – to read over the holidays