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Alan Davies

Editor of The Urbanist

The Urbanist is edited by Dr Alan Davies, a principal of Melbourne-based economic and planning consultancy, Pollard Davies Consulting.

June, 2018

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Is Melbourne the new New York?

, Jun 19, 2018

The Age's comparison of the density of Melbourne's CBD with the density of New York City might massage the prejudices of its readers, but it's rubbish
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What can we learn from oBike’s demise?

, Jun 18, 2018

It promised a lot, but this month oBike walked away from Melbourne after just one year. The key problem was the same one faced by all forms of cycling in Australian cities
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Does Festival Hall warrant heritage protection?

, May 21, 2018

Heritage Victoria's recommendation to list Melbourne’s Festival Hall on the state Heritage Register highlights the shortcomings of the current approach to heritage
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Is Melbourne Airport’s SkyBus up to the job?

, May 14, 2018

A rail line from Melbourne airport to the CBD will very likely be necessary one day, but an upgraded SkyBus can do the job in the short-to-medium term at vastly lower cost
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Should cyclists and walkers be separated?

, Mar 26, 2018

Conflict between cyclists and walkers on shared trails is a growing problem. The default should be separation, as recommended by Infrastructure Victoria
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Why does it matter that most jobs aren’t in the city centre?

, Mar 21, 2018

Understanding that most jobs are outside the city centre is vital, because the challenges they present for transport infrastructure policy are more complex and more politically difficult
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Are the jobs in the centre of the city?

, Mar 19, 2018

There’s a meme that most recent jobs growth in Australia’s largest cities is now in the city centre. Not true; a lot is because it includes the CBD, but nowhere near most
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Driverless cars: will public transport be a winner?

, Mar 13, 2018

The prospect of autonomous vehicles causes worry but they might provide public and shared modes of transport with a big boost in competitiveness relative to private vehicles
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What’s wrong (and right) with “suburban sprawl”?

, Mar 05, 2018

Our major cities require a more sophisticated understanding of the role of fringe development in accommodating forecast growth than reflexively dismissing it out of hand as "sprawl"
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Is Federation Square as good as it gets?

, Feb 27, 2018

Federation Square isn't the perfect place the critics of Apple's proposed store portray it as. There are better options than Apple but they'd be costly