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Is the urban fringe a jobless wasteland?

Is the urban fringe a jobless wasteland?

Alan DaviesOct 18, 20135 Comments

Inner city residents can access many more jobs than those who live in the outer suburbs. But it doesn't follow that sprawl means the urban fringe is a wasteland of economic opportunity

Why can't Yahoos telecommute anymore?

Why can’t Yahoos telecommute anymore?

Alan DaviesFeb 28, 20139 Comments

The CEO of Yahoo has directed staff who currently telecommute to start working out of Yahoo offices. The rationale is innovation and collaboration place a high value on face-to-face contact

Agglomeration economies: are they exaggerated?

Agglomeration economies: are they exaggerated?

Alan DaviesFeb 25, 20138 Comments

We're increasingly being told we need higher job densities in our cities to exploit 'agglomeration economies' associated with the 'knowledge economy'. But are the benefits exaggerated?

Why is Sydney's CBD growing slower than Melbourne's?

Why is Sydney’s CBD growing slower than Melbourne’s?

Alan DaviesDec 6, 20129 Comments

Jobs grew faster in Melbourne's centre than in Sydney's over 2006 to 2011. It might be that Melbourne makes it a lot easier for firms to locate in and near the CBD.

'Melbournes': how many are there?

‘Melbournes’: how many are there?

Alan DaviesMay 1, 20126 Comments

A new Australian site, Other Cities, has just published a must-read article for anyone interested in cities. It’s an interview with Kevin O’Connor, Professorial Fellow in Urban Planning at the University of Melbourne. This fascinating and insightful interview covers many issues from developer levies to public transport to cars to where university workers live. I […]

Do technology parks work?

Do technology parks work?

Alan DaviesApr 30, 20122 Comments

There’s barely a city in the western world that hasn’t at some time sought to re-create the success of high profile technology innovation districts like Silicon Valley within its own boundaries. Mostly these attempts have involved establishing small publicly funded research/technology parks within or close to universities. As well as Silicon Valley, the usual suspects […]

Decentralisation of CBD jobs: will it save the suburbs?

Decentralisation of CBD jobs: will it save the suburbs?

Alan DaviesMar 22, 201221 Comments

Bernard Salt had a fascinating but ultimately somewhat flawed article in The Australian last Saturday, Welcome to the Metropolis, which looks “at how Melbourne is narrowing the gap with Sydney in the contest to become the nation’s top city”. It’s gated, but well worth reading – I recommend doing what I did and taking out […]

What’s happening with suburban jobs in Melbourne?

Alan DaviesNov 5, 201111 Comments

The first exhibit shows the popular view of the geography of urban employment in Australia’s largest cities. It is commonly assumed the great bulk of jobs – and certainly virtually all “good” jobs – is located in the CBD. This is an understandable view given the first exhibit shows the spatial distribution of employment density in […]

Where is Melbourne's ‘centre of gravity’ ?

Alan DaviesMar 8, 201112 Comments

We’re familiar enough with the idea of the ‘centre of gravity’ of population in Melbourne. But where is the centre of gravity of employment? Is it the city centre? No, for one thing the CBD’s only got around 15% of all metropolitan jobs. For another, the combination of Melbourne’s distinctly lop-sided growth south of the […]

Does density matter for mode share?

Alan DaviesFeb 5, 20119 Comments

The accompanying chart shows how public transport’s share of the journey to work varies with population density across 41 US and Australian cities. It is taken from the same article that I mentioned in my last post. The authors, Dr John Stone and Dr Paul Mees, find there is only a modest relationship between population […]