July, 2017

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Should corridors be protected for HSR?

, Jul 10, 2017

Infrastructure Australia reckons protecting corridors for East Coast High Speed Rail would save billions, but the case hasn't been made that the project makes sense
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What can history tell us about land values and HSR?

, Jul 19, 2016

The association between rail infrastructure like High Speed Rail and increases in land value is nothing new; it was there when much of Victoria's rail network was built
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Will business really pay for High Speed Rail?

, Jul 18, 2016

A new company reckons it can build Sydney-Melbourne HSR without calling on government coffers. It says the proposal is commercially viable and isn't a Trojan horse
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Is the High Speed Rail bandwagon slowing down?

, Jun 21, 2016

In an astonishing display of sanity – especially during an election campaign – the Turnbull Government has backed away from its earlier enthusiasm for High Speed Rail
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Is there anyone left at Fairfax to do the editing?

, Apr 14, 2016

Fairfax ran an article on High Speed Rail yesterday that shouldn’t have survived even a basic credibility test. It's as if all those who used to do the sub-editing have been 'let go'
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Is High Speed Rail our National Boondoggle?

, Apr 12, 2016

The Prime Minister's embrace of east coast High Speed Rail and his spinning of value capture removes any doubt he's just as cynical and opportunistic as Labor and the Greens
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Why are we still taking East Coast High Speed Rail seriously?

, Mar 15, 2016

East Coast High Speed Rail is the boondoggle that just won't go away. Yet gunzels, rent-seekers and progressives stand side-by-side in wanting to squander $100 Billion on this folly
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BZE: How we found high speed rail to be commercially viable

, Apr 23, 2014

Guest writer Gerard Drew from BZE explains the reasoning behind the organisation's contention that east coast High Speed Rail line would cover its operating and capital costs
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High Speed Rail: too good to be true?

, Apr 15, 2014

A new report contends an 1800 km Brisbane-Sydney-Melbourne High Speed Rail line could be operating in 10 years. Moreover it would cover all its operating and capital costs. Fact or fiction?
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High Speed Rail: would it run down Australia?

, Aug 28, 2013

Kevin Rudd is the first Australian Prime Minister to commit to High Speed Rail but it's no more sensible an idea for this country now than it was when first proposed by the CSIRO 30 years ago
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Is High Speed Rail a no-brainer or a boondoggle?

, Aug 08, 2013

The Greens want to accelerate construction of High Speed Rail between Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Many progressives take it as given that HSR is obviously a good thing, but is it?
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So high speed rail would increase carbon emissions?

, Apr 15, 2013

The Federal Government’s new report on High Speed Rail says it won't reduce greenhouse emissions in the east coast corridor relative to the Base Case. In fact it concludes it will actually increase them!
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Would high speed rail really make Australia better off?

, Apr 12, 2013

Australians love the idea of high speed rail but the report released yesterday for public consultation by the federal government shows it would be a very poor way of spending public money
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Will High Speed Rail save the cities and develop the regions?

, Dec 19, 2012

Taking growth pressures off the city fringe while simultaneously developing the regions is one of the key arguments used to support proposals for a High Speed Rail network on Australia’s east coast. But is it a cost-effective way of doing either?
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What are the benefits of east coast High Speed Rail?

, Nov 30, 2012

The Greens released a report this week claiming an east coast High Speed Rail line would deliver benefits of $48 billion. Trouble is, it would cost much more than this to build and would mainly benefit regional leisure travellers
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Seriously, can Canberra really be Sydney’s second airport?

, Oct 10, 2012

Barry O'Farrell and Canberra Airport believe High Speed Rail will allow Sydney's second airport to be located 250 km away in Canberra. Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce, reckons the idea is outrageous.
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High Speed Rail: if they’ve got it, shouldn’t we?

, Sep 11, 2012

It was a hot issue at the start of 2011, but there hasn’t been much discussion of High Speed Rail (HSR) in the public domain since the first phase of the Federal Government’s study was released more than a year ago.
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Would HSR solve Sydney’s airport woes?

, Apr 11, 2012

The inability of successive NSW and Australian governments to construct a second Sydney airport is taking on the proportions of a national tragedy. The failure to expand Sydney’s aviation capacity isn’t because of technical, environmental or financial difficulties – it’s solely due to political selfishness and opportunism. The new study by the Federal and NSW […]

Will the price of jet fuel go stratospheric?

, Aug 09, 2011

Ultimately, the bottom line in discussions about the warrant for High Speed Rail (HSR) always seems to come down to proponents’ certainty that the price of jet fuel will go stratospheric. HSR won’t save time, won’t reduce fares, won’t increase economic activity, won’t promote decentralisation and is an extraordinarily expensive way to reduce carbon emissions […]

How important are the regions for HSR?

, Aug 07, 2011

The exhibit above is one of the ‘money’ graphs from the High Speed Rail study – Phase One report released on Thursday by the Minister for Transport, Anthony Albanese. In my last post, I concentrated on doing a broad but quick response to the report and questioned the wisdom of spending mega dollars on a […]