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Weekend reading 25/26 November

Driverless cars could be a solution to climate change – But for this scenario to work, something major has to happen: Large numbers of people have to give up their cars and start sharing rides Valuing heritage in cities – Through better understanding the value of heritage assets to communities, more informed decisions can be made […]

Weekend reading 18/19 November

Saturday reading: Richard Florida now sees the downside of urban revival – Superstar cities can’t help all the places and people being left behind. On the natural selection of words – New research suggests that languages evolve a lot like organisms do Reality vs. Kurzweil’s expectations – One way to track scientific and technological progress is […]

Weekend reading 11/12 November

What’s up with that: building bigger roads actually makes traffic worse – So remember, the reason you’re stuck in traffic isn’t all these jerks around you who don’t know how to drive; it’s just the road that you’re all driving on Securing the streets – A better approach to New York traffic would help prevent […]

Raceday reading 7 November

Congestion pricing and de Blasio’s mean streets – New Yorkers are safer—but more gridlocked—than they’ve been since the invention of the automobile This is what life will be like in 2030 – Here are 5 technologies that stand a good chance of impacting your daily life by the year 2030 The real story of automation beginning with […]

Weekend reading 4/5 November

Saturday reading: The effect of a yellow bicycle jacket on cyclist accidents – a randomised controlled trial with 6,793 cyclists shows a reduced accident risk due to a yellow bicycle jacket The effects of rent control on tenants, landlords and inequality – rent control in San Francisco led to a city-wide increase of 7% in […]

Weekend reading 28/29 October

Canberra: good planning can lead to better public transport Electric hybrid car emits four times more CO₂ than advertised, real-world testing shows – a purportedly eco-friendly hybrid electric car emits four times more greenhouse gas than manufacturers claim Is this the world you should want? – We use a machine learning algorithm to identify potential […]

Weekend reading 21/22 October

Saturday reading: Why surge prices make us so mad: what Springsteen, home depot and a nobel winner know Tokyo is the safest city to live in the world The 20 years that made New York City An inconvenient truth: you’re spending less on your Melbourne mortgage now than a decade ago A new geography of […]

Weekend reading 14/15 October

Three things to ask yourself before doing community engagement You can’t defend policies by claiming they are merely badly implemented The Ride-Hailing Effect: More Cars, More Trips, More Miles 40 Percent of the Buildings in Manhattan Could Not Be Built Today Transit advocates need to care about infrastructure costs What is the science behind how we […]

Weekend reading 7/8 October

Tracking the hyper-gentrification of New York, one lost knish place at a time Insanely concentrated wealth is strangling our prosperity Stuck in traffic: we need a smarter approach to congestion than building more roads Dockless bike share – oBike vs ReddyGo Driverless vehicles could bring out the best – or worst – in our cities by transforming […]

Weekend reading 30 September

Is induced demand a phony theory? Yes, you can build your way to affordable housing The good and bad of Seattle’s private bike-share experiment Can the world’s megacities survive the digital age? Everyone hates tolls, but drastic times may call for drastic measures to fix L.A.’s traffic Autonomous cars don’t have a ‘Trolley Problem’ problem How […]