June, 2017

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Could the average trip to work nearly double by 2030?

, Jun 22, 2017

The average one-way commute could increase by 28 minutes by 2030 according to Melbourne's Herald Sun. Sounds horrendous but it's scary tabloid journalism
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Is Sydney the new New York?

, Apr 04, 2017

The Sydney Morning Herald's comparison of small parts of Sydney with leading world metropolises might grab the attention of readers, but it's rubbish

City centre vs sprawl: is this a useful comparison?

, Mar 30, 2017

This comparison by ABC News of living in the city centre with living in the fringe suburbs is long but it's ultimately unconvincing; it doesn't compare apples with apples
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What’s the future for Essendon Airport?

, Feb 22, 2017

It didn't take long for the blame game to emerge following yesterday's tragedy at Essendon, but it's better to find out what really happened and why before making policy
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Will population growth ruin a city’s liveability?

, Feb 20, 2017

Population growth brings risks and will change the character of a city like Melbourne if it continues, but it's more likely to make it a better place for most residents
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Is Fairfax off-track (again) on Melbourne airport rail?

, Oct 10, 2016

It's only been a week, but The Sunday Age was back again yesterday with another fabulously titillating invention about a rail line to Melbourne Airport
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Is this “secret” report on airport rail newsworthy?

, Oct 03, 2016

Another Sunday, another manufactured controversy by Fairfax, this time around a "secret" report on Melbourne airport rail from "a high-powered group of advisers"
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What can history tell us about land values and HSR?

, Jul 19, 2016

The association between rail infrastructure like High Speed Rail and increases in land value is nothing new; it was there when much of Victoria's rail network was built
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Is “denser than Singapore” too dense for Sydney?

, May 18, 2016

The City of Sydney reckons the NSW Government wants to redevelop Waterloo at a density "greater than anything in Singapore". Turns out Council's fear of density is ill-founded
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Is there anyone left at Fairfax to do the editing?

, Apr 14, 2016

Fairfax ran an article on High Speed Rail yesterday that shouldn’t have survived even a basic credibility test. It's as if all those who used to do the sub-editing have been 'let go'