How much carbon are the candidates emitting?

Alan DaviesAug 16, 2010

Crikey’s Election Tracker reported today that Gillard has so far flown 39,431 km during the campaign and Abbott has flown 40,800 km. I thought I’d take a ‘ballpark’ look at t

Are Melbourne's trains really getting safer?

Alan DaviesAug 15, 2010 2

A new report on the safety of Melbourne’s trains says t

Is Docklands sinking Melbourne @ 5 Million?

Alan DaviesAug 12, 2010 5

Docklands may be so successful in attracting major corporates that it could be undermining the prospects for jobs growth in the six suburban Central Activities Districts designated in Melbourne @ 5 Million

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Is being “visionary” sufficient to justify new infrastructure?

Alan DaviesAug 11, 2010 2

Infrastructure projects should never be justified by terms like visionary and nation building unless they are rigorously defined

Should public transport fares to the airport be subsidised?

Alan DaviesAug 10, 2010 13

It seems equitable to price fares to the airport in line with the Metlink tariffs but it makes more sense to avoid paying a subsidy - there are other uses for the money

Would an airport rail link take us for a ride?

Alan DaviesAug 9, 2010 17

This OpEd in The Age advocating a rail link from the CBD to Melbourne Airport fails to make the case

Will miners, retirees and the NBN drive Tony Burke’s decentralisation agenda?

Alan DaviesAug 8, 2010 4

The mining boom, retirees and the NBN are not likely to drive decentralisation of population from Sydney and Melbourne to regional areas. The Federal Minister for Sustainable Population is really promoting regional development, not decentralisation

The Paul Krugman blues

Alan DaviesAug 6, 2010

Does Labor's Sydney-Newcastle High Speed train make sense?

Alan DaviesAug 5, 2010 10

I watched Anthony Albanese foreshadow on Lateline on Wednesday night that the Government, if re-elected, would fund a $20 million feasibility study of a high speed rail connection bet

Who does Google like the most – Julia or Tony?

Alan DaviesAug 4, 2010

Google Search stats show Australians search more for Gillard than Abbott