A new high school for Coburg – what are the lessons?

Alan DaviesAug 26, 2010 7

There’s a fascinating struggle going on between the Education Department and residents of Coburg about the need for

Where are the (infrastructure) white elephants?

Alan DaviesAug 25, 2010 7

Where are our infrastructure white elephants?

Can the NBN 'save' our cities?

Alan DaviesAug 24, 2010 5

The National Broadband Network will not drive decentralisation - it will not divert growth from Sydney and Melbourne to regional centres on a significant scale

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Can our cities get bigger (and remain liveable)?

Alan DaviesAug 23, 2010 18

Australia's big cities can cope with large population but they will need massive investment in infrastructure

Melbourne Bicycle Share – how about some balance?

Alan DaviesAug 19, 2010 11

Is Docklands a dog?

Alan DaviesAug 18, 2010 15

Docklands isn't a dog - it's as flash as a hyena with a gold tooth

W Class trams – is this a great opportunity?

Alan DaviesAug 17, 2010 3

Some of these shortcomings might not bother tourists or occasional users. But regular commuters expect much higher standards than the W Class was designed for. Since around 2005 Mel

How much carbon are the candidates emitting?

Alan DaviesAug 16, 2010

Crikey’s Election Tracker reported today that Gillard has so far flown 39,431 km during the campaign and Abbott has flown 40,800 km. I thought I’d take a ‘ballpark’ look at t

Are Melbourne's trains really getting safer?

Alan DaviesAug 15, 2010 2

A new report on the safety of Melbourne’s trains says t

Is Docklands sinking Melbourne @ 5 Million?

Alan DaviesAug 12, 2010 5

Docklands may be so successful in attracting major corporates that it could be undermining the prospects for jobs growth in the six suburban Central Activities Districts designated in Melbourne @ 5 Million