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Get social to increase density

Alan DaviesMar 31, 20106 Comments

Almost everyone with an interest in the future development of Melbourne agrees that a key strategy for dealing with unprecedented population growth is to increase the supply of multi un

20 years of TAC campaigns

Alan DaviesMar 30, 2010

The Victorian Traffic Accident Commission's montage of 20 years of road safety advertisements. This is

"If London can do it, why can't Melbourne?"

Alan DaviesMar 30, 20103 Comments

If London can really grow without expanding its urban perimeter, why did our planning Minister, Justin Madden, seek to extend Melbourne’s urban growth boundary last year? As I noted

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More on the Windsor Hotel redevelopment

Alan DaviesMar 29, 20102 Comments

The report makes it clear that the site isn’t subject to a mandatory height limit as some critics have implied. However it is the economic arguments that are particularly interest

The hazards of restricting supply

Alan DaviesMar 28, 20102 Comments

An object lesson for city policy-makers - this is what happens in Dogtown when supply is restricted. Of course we humans would eliminate the queue by selling the tree to the highest bid

How to 'green' the Grand Prix

Alan DaviesMar 27, 20101 Comment

How could the QANTAS Australian Grand Prix be made greener? This is a pretext to post on Formula One because the Australian GP is being held in Melbourne this weekend, but it’s never

How big is Melbourne?

How big is Melbourne?

Alan DaviesMar 26, 201013 Comments

How big is Melbourne really? This issue is ‘front of mind’ this morning because of a recent 

What role for high-rise towers in Melbourne?

Alan DaviesMar 25, 20101 Comment

One approach, Look to the Skies, relies on dense, high-r

Signage 'distorted' at Eureka carpark

Alan DaviesMar 24, 2010

This brilliant signage was designed by Emery Studio (Axel Peemoeller) for the carpark of Melbourne's own

Cycling in The Netherlands

Alan DaviesMar 24, 20102 Comments

Fascinating video of dedicated route followed by children cycling

https://www.crikey.com.au/2010/03/24/cycling-in-the-netherlands/ == https://www.crikey.com.au/free-trial/==https://www.crikey.com.au/subscribe/

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