Is Melbourne better today than it was in the sixties?

Alan DaviesJul 18, 2010 3

I’ve previously discussed the argument advanced by the CEO

Why is there still a focus on Julia vs Kevin?

Alan DaviesJul 16, 2010 2

Prime Minister Gillard's opponents are focusing on how she succeeded Kevin Rudd in order to exploit a latent community perception that women who seek the highest jobs are power hungry

Is suburban sprawl a threat to farming?

Alan DaviesJul 15, 2010 4

The area of productive agricultural land sterilised by suburban sprawl is greatly exaggerated

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Could this man rescue Docklands?

Alan DaviesJul 14, 2010 1

A brilliant video created by painting walls

Is this the world's biggest market?

Alan DaviesJul 13, 2010

The sheer scale of this market in Mexico shows the advantages of economies of scale

How dense are Melbourne's outer suburbs?

Alan DaviesJul 12, 2010 4

The densities of new outer suburbs in Melbourne are increasing, driven not by regulation but by the changing tastes of buyers

Is local food more sustainable?

Alan DaviesJul 11, 2010 16

The distance food travels from farm gate to plate is a very poor measure of its impact on the environment. We can lessen the impact of what we eat by worrying less about "food kilometres" and more about what we eat and how it's grown

Melbourne's trains from the air

Alan DaviesJul 8, 2010 4

Satellite view of Melbourne's train system running over the course of a day

Is Melbourne Bicycle Share getting better?

Alan DaviesJul 7, 2010 8

Despite the novelty factor, use of Melbourne's bicycle rental scheme has been very low in the initial weeks. It's seems unlikely a few more Bixis will save it - there are more fundamental problems to address

Why are these students studying under streetlights?

Alan DaviesJul 6, 2010 3

Poor governance in some countries means electricity supply is so bad that students have to study by streetlights