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Should (some) Melbourne golf courses be turned into forest?

Alan DaviesJun 10, 20105 Comments

Melbourne could have one of the largest urban forests of any city in the world if some of the golf courses along the Yarra River were converted to urban forest

Where are the special places in Melbourne?

Alan DaviesJun 9, 20104 Comments

Melbourne has a number of special places that distinguish it from other cities

Melbourne Bike Share – how can the Government save face?

Alan DaviesJun 8, 201010 Comments

Making Melbourne Bicycle Share a success requires a radical rethink of the concept. It needs to be repositioned as a tourism service.

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Will Lygon Street's spruikers have the last shout?

Alan DaviesJun 7, 20101 Comment

There's a real-life economics lesson in Lygon St - eight restaurateurs agreed to abandon the practice of spruiking but the agreement lasted just 49 minutes.

Free download!!: transport model of NYC

Alan DaviesJun 5, 20101 Comment

Will cars destroy Preston Market?

Alan DaviesJun 4, 20104 Comments

Keeping the bustle and excitement of Preston Market depends on keeping adequate parking for car-based shoppers.

Why do inner city residents walk and tram to work?

Alan DaviesJun 3, 20104 Comments

There is a strong correlation between density and the use of more sustainable transport modes in the inner city, but density is not the key driver - proximity to the CBD, good public transport, traffic congestion and high socioeconomic status are more significant factors

Is Melbourne Bicycle Share all spin?

Alan DaviesJun 2, 201022 Comments

Melbourne's new bike sharing scheme addresses a need that doesn't exist and is designed so it will almost inevitably fail to attract users

Do firms want to be in suburban centres?

Alan DaviesJun 1, 20103 Comments

Yet many studies in many countries have found that while the number of suburban and inner city activity centres is increasing, the proportion of jobs located within them is falling. I

Sydney or Melbourne – which is more liveable (part 2)?

Alan DaviesMay 31, 20105 Comments

I noted on Friday that the 2010 Mercer annual quali