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Will the streets of Melbourne look more like Hanoi than Manhattan in the future?

Alan DaviesApr 21, 201014 Comments

Given that a high proportion of car trips involve only the driver, I expect that many motorists would respond to dramatically higher fuel prices by shifting to scooters rather than to

Are all suburban centres the same?

Alan DaviesApr 20, 20102 Comments

Actually it’s a little more complex than that – specialisation implies that being in a large, diverse centre is not that important, but being spatially close to firms in the same

How important is transport in addressing climate change?

Alan DaviesApr 19, 20103 Comments

The Report highlights the key role of the private sector and the ‘market’ in achieving significant and lasting reductions. It also gives a sense of where the largest and the most

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Do cities cause divorce?

Alan DaviesApr 17, 2010

The divorce rate is higher in cities (like Melbourne) than it is in the country. But is that because there's something about cities that promotes marital discord? These Danish researche

Where are the suburban jobs?

Alan DaviesApr 16, 20109 Comments

Defining an activity centre is not as straightforward as it might appear. There are a number of possible approaches, such as identifying higher density clusters of jobs, people or t

More myths about Melbourne's density

Alan DaviesApr 15, 20102 Comments

The Australian Financial Review ran an article on the weekend by Deirdre Macken that perpetuates the myth that Melbourne and Sydney are archetypal sprawled cities (

Time to hand Yarra Boulevard over to cyclists

Alan DaviesApr 14, 201015 Comments

Although it is not a major traffic artery, there is the ever-present potential for conflicts between cyclists and drivers. There is something about this road – possibly the limited

Why is there a housing shortage?

Alan DaviesApr 13, 20104 Comments

A curious aspect of the Australian housing market is that we have a shortage of housing even though dwelling investment has been at record levels in the last decade. It’s now 6% of GD

Building a green economy

Alan DaviesApr 12, 2010

Outstanding feature on climate change in the New York Times Sunday magazine last weeke

Banging the high rise drum

Alan DaviesApr 12, 20106 Comments

High rise in Melbourne is only ever likely to be a solution for a small group of (wealthy) residents who want to live in a relatively small number of highly prized or unique locations

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