Will an airport rail link reduce GHGs?

Alan DaviesJul 5, 2010 8

Even on the most generous assmptions, a rail link from Melbourne Airport to the CBD does not appear to be a cost-effective way of reducing the GHG emissions associated with airport-related bus, taxi and car travel.

Forecasting patronage: it's easy, isn't it?

Alan DaviesJul 4, 2010 2

California's High Speed Rail project provides another instance of the high level of risk involved in forecasting patronage

Cycling and walking on the rise in US

Alan DaviesJul 4, 2010

Federal Government expenditure on cycling and walking has risen exponentially in the US but from a small base. It is still a tiny fraction of the budget.

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More on Melbourne Airport rail link

Alan DaviesJul 2, 2010 19

There’s been a strong reaction, predominantly negative, to

What makes you happy?

Alan DaviesJul 1, 2010 2

What matters the most in people’s lives is to have good dynamic interpersonal relationships and to be respected at work, with that respect being constantly renewed. People should not expect too much from their holidays and wider families.

Minister for Sustainable Population: What’s in a name?

Alan DaviesJun 30, 2010

The name of the new Sustainable Population portfolio implies that growth and environmental sustainability have to be traded off. The real limit to growth however is the potential inability of the political system to make the right infrastructure and policy decisions.

Are new outer suburban homes getting smaller?

Alan DaviesJun 29, 2010 5

The floor area of new homes in most of Melbourne's growth areas got smaller over the last three years, largely because of the boost to demand from Federal and State first home owners assistance.

Why is Gen Y driving less?

Alan DaviesJun 28, 2010 11

Young people are driving less. Driving is not the highly symbolic rite-of-passage for Gen Ys that it was for baby boomers. There are a range of factors driving this chance which suggest it is not transitory.

Does a rail line to Melbourne airport make sense?

Alan DaviesJun 28, 2010 10

The Age advocates construction of a rail line to Melbourne Airport, but the case has not been made

Simple but great piece on climate change

Alan DaviesJun 26, 2010 1

The man who devised the Beard-Einstein conflation may have lived like a character from a novel, but he delivered one of the great addresses on climate change