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London in the time of cholera

Alan DaviesJun 24, 20104 Comments

Steven Johnson's book about Dr John Snow's fight to show that cholera was caused by contaminated water, not noxious odours, is both an exciting narrative and a intelligent look at the social, health and technological issues that governed public health policy in Victorian London.

Is a bigger Melbourne a better Melbourne?

Alan DaviesJun 23, 20106 Comments

A bigger Melbourne need not inevitably be a worse Melbourne. Many much larger cities are sought-after locations, suggesting scale and density have advantages. The key task is to manage growth well.

Winners of 'App My State' have an urban focus

Alan DaviesJun 22, 20105 Comments

The winners of the Victorian App My State competition have an urban focus

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Should rail commuters pay a congestion toll?

Alan DaviesJun 21, 20108 Comments

One option for dealing with over-crowding on Melbourne's trains could be to increase prices for peak period travel.

Is 13 storeys right for Coburg?

Alan DaviesJun 20, 20105 Comments

This 520 unit development in Coburg reaches up 13 stories to make good use of a rare, large inner suburban site. It is the kind of development we need to see more of.

The VFT and Green's preferences

Alan DaviesJun 19, 20103 Comments

Gary Johns thinks the Very Fast Train might be the price the Government pays for Green preferences at the next Federal election

Will Brumby's new decentralisation initiative work?

Alan DaviesJun 18, 20105 Comments

The Government's new initiative to promote development of regional centres in order to relieve growth pressure on Melbourne is unlikely to work without a way to grow jobs in the regions

Is unused infrastructure capacity in the inner suburbs all used up?

Alan DaviesJun 17, 20108 Comments

The idea that there's ample unused infrastructure capacity in established suburbs to support higher density housing is probably a myth.

Is Darwin really Australia's most sustainable city?

Alan DaviesJun 16, 20102 Comments

The ACF's Sustainable Cities Index seems to be more about getting publicity than adding to the stock of useful information

Is the online version of The Age still a paper?

Alan DaviesJun 15, 20104 Comments

The online version of The Age is hard to navigate and seems to be conceived as if its made of paper rather than electrons