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Why I don't warm to public art

Alan DaviesMay 29, 20104 Comments

Is Sydney really more liveable than Melbourne (part 1)?

Alan DaviesMay 28, 20107 Comments

On Wednesday the Sydney Morning Herald reported the release of the 2010 Mercer annual quality of living surv

What if you were the Premier?

Alan DaviesMay 27, 20103 Comments

Imagine you’ve just been elected Premier. You carried the electorate on a simple but radical two-promise platform: (1) to prohibit alcohol and (2) to shift all travel out of cars and

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Has the very fast train run out of steam?

Alan DaviesMay 26, 20109 Comments

He asserts that: (a) high speed rail works in Europe, China and Japan, (b) the US is now building high speed rail projects, (c) rail is faster, more comfortable and more convenient

Does the housing dollar buy more in Melbourne?

Alan DaviesMay 25, 20103 Comments

Figure 1 shows that a buyer has to travel 23 km from the CBD in Sydney in order to obtain a house at the median price of $500,000. However in Melbourne the median house costs consider

Is the Kobo cool?

Alan DaviesMay 24, 20104 Comments

My household acquired the new Border’s e-reader, Kobo, on the weekend. The Kobo was released on Wednesday and

More cartozoology – two dogs

Alan DaviesMay 23, 20101 Comment

And they say strategic planning is not about barking dogs (Local Government Boundaries, Melbourne)! This really needs a caption....

Stop making sense!

Alan DaviesMay 22, 2010

Is the urban fringe getting bigger?

Alan DaviesMay 21, 20104 Comments

The subsequent update, Melbourne @ 5 Million, made a dramatic change. It increased the proportion of dwellings expected to be constructed in outer suburban growth areas to 47

Why are home prices rising when lending is down?

Alan DaviesMay 20, 2010

Yet as Figure 1 shows, prices continued to rise well into 2010. In its May 2010 St