What caused inner city gentrification?

Alan DaviesMay 12, 2010 5

The starting point was the departure of manufacturing for the suburbs which began in earnest in the 1950s.  This exodus was driven by a number of factors, including new ‘horizontal

Do "brownfields" sites matter?

Alan DaviesMay 11, 2010 3

I was leafing through Challenge Melbourne, the discussion paper released in 2001 as part of the Melbourne 2030 process, the other day. This very interesting but appare

Spare infrastructure capacity – is it a tall story?

Alan DaviesMay 10, 2010 10

Here’s more evidence that claims of “spare” infrastructure capacity in inner city and inner suburban areas are a tall story.

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Solar powered Melbourne

Alan DaviesMay 9, 2010 1

There have to be a zillion opportunities to apply this idea to Melbourne. This movie by Whitevinyl,

Why did the NYC road pricing proposal fail?

Alan DaviesMay 8, 2010 3

The key message is that gaining support for pricing proposals requires more than showing the social benefits – it is necessary to persuade individual motorists they will be better o

Should bicycle lanes be abolished?

Alan DaviesMay 7, 2010 4

They are concerned that construction of separate cycling infrastructure, such as Copenhagen-style lanes and on-road lanes, will reinforce the idea that cyclists are not legitimate roa

Should Parliament move to Werribee?

Alan DaviesMay 6, 2010 4

Such an action would give an enormous boost to the development of the west and reinforce the Government’s new policy of developing significant suburban activity centres. A location

Are "urban villages" living in the past?

Alan DaviesMay 5, 2010 4

Whether or not “employment self-sufficiency” can be achieved in practice depends on the level of geography. If we look at Melbourne from a regional perspective, most people alread

Does My School have lessons for planners?

Alan DaviesMay 4, 2010 7

The problem is that although the average socioeconomic status of Camberwell and surrounds is very high, there are nevertheless significant numbers of residents whose incomes don’t e

Do the numbers support the Very Fast Train?

Alan DaviesMay 3, 2010 17

At first glance a VFT looks unpromising, since I estimate the capital cost of constructing and maintaining a VFT line from Sydney to Melbourne at about $1.5 billion per year. This is