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Where cars might be heading

Alan DaviesMar 17, 2010

I've previously written in The Age (Efficiency the key to ca

Google Maps captures flying pliers

Alan DaviesMar 16, 20105 Comments

Amazing photo of a pair of flying pliers captured by a Google Map's camera car in the West Midlands, UK. This appears to be a genuine stuff-up rather than a Photoshop exercise. Go

Question time

Alan DaviesMar 16, 2010

My son and I attended the great debate at Melbourne Town Hall on March 4 where the proposition under debate was "that Australia should embrace nuclear power". After the panellists finis

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Does sprawl cause obesity?

Alan DaviesMar 15, 20106 Comments

I’m unconvinced by the argument that suburban sprawl is obesity’s best friend. I’m equally suspicious that higher density living is justified as a sensible response to obesity, as

If all of the USA (and Australia) were at the density of Brooklyn

Alan DaviesMar 14, 20101 Comment

If the entire population of the USA were housed at the same density as Brooklyn, it would all fit in New Hampshire with space left over! See more on this infographic

Electricity generation - renewables vs nuclear

Alan DaviesMar 14, 2010

In my post on 10 March, We need to be more stra

Toyota's 'sudden acceleration' problem may be driver error

Alan DaviesMar 13, 20101 Comment

There are lots of Toyotas in Melbourne and we even have a factory that builds them. It is therefore of great interest to note that Toyota's mysterious problems in the US with sudden acc

More on rail link to airport

Alan DaviesMar 13, 20109 Comments

The Age is continuing its campaign

The ABC and climate change

Alan DaviesMar 12, 2010

Taegen Edwards has a superb letter in The Age today in re

How to increase commuting by bicycle

Alan DaviesMar 12, 20105 Comments

I argued yesterday there might be potential to shift a s

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