Does the housing dollar buy more in Melbourne?

Alan DaviesMay 25, 2010 3

Figure 1 shows that a buyer has to travel 23 km from the CBD in Sydney in order to obtain a house at the median price of $500,000. However in Melbourne the median house costs consider

Is the Kobo cool?

Alan DaviesMay 24, 2010 4

My household acquired the new Border’s e-reader, Kobo, on the weekend. The Kobo was released on Wednesday and

More cartozoology – two dogs

Alan DaviesMay 23, 2010 1

And they say strategic planning is not about barking dogs (Local Government Boundaries, Melbourne)! This really needs a caption....

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Stop making sense!

Alan DaviesMay 22, 2010

Is the urban fringe getting bigger?

Alan DaviesMay 21, 2010 4

The subsequent update, Melbourne @ 5 Million, made a dramatic change. It increased the proportion of dwellings expected to be constructed in outer suburban growth areas to 47

Why are home prices rising when lending is down?

Alan DaviesMay 20, 2010

Yet as Figure 1 shows, prices continued to rise well into 2010. In its May 2010 St

Is the Lord Mayor's new parking charge a 'money grab'?

Alan DaviesMay 19, 2010 5

The Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Robert Doyle, has bought himself a heap of trouble with Council’s decision to impose a flat $4 charge for parking in the CBD from 7.30 pm to midnight (see

What makes people happier – money or status?

Alan DaviesMay 18, 2010 6

This is not a new insight but I think it is very important that planners and architects appreciate it – in fact it is very important for anyone who has clients or who is involved in

Are lots smaller in the outer suburbs than in the inner suburbs?

Alan DaviesMay 17, 2010 9

Of course there is considerable variation in property types within that average. Houses in the inner city (0-5 km) are predominantly terraces on small lots whereas those in t

Has local government gone to the dogs?

Alan DaviesMay 15, 2010

Seems that local government really has gone to the dogs in Melbourne although I'm not sure what breed this cartozoological canine is. Looks friendly enough considering the poor thing ha