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Attention: Drunks!

Alan DaviesMar 11, 20102 Comments

We have 'Koalas next 10km' road signs in Australia but in Romania they have road 

Fake shopfronts

Alan DaviesMar 11, 20102 Comments

At last somebody's found a way to revitalise ailing strip shopping centres - fake shops! My loc

What role for commuting by bicycle in Melbourne?

Alan DaviesMar 11, 20102 Comments

In response to my post last Tuesday, Melbourne will be a ca

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Newsflash: economist's prediction is right!

Alan DaviesMar 10, 2010

Writing in the NY Times Freakonomics blog last week, Australian economist Justin Wolfers correctly predicted the key winners at the Oscars (getting any prediction right must be a major

We need to be more strategic about how we tackle greenhouse gases

Alan DaviesMar 10, 20107 Comments

Do we need to tackle climate change and peak oil on all fronts or would it be more strategic to focus on priority areas? This question is prompted by reading

Melbourne will be a car city for a long time yet

Alan DaviesMar 9, 201016 Comments

It seems likely that many more Melbourne travellers will drive cars in the foreseeable future than take public transport. This is not necessarily the disaster that it might at first ap

Melbourne flooding no surprise

Alan DaviesMar 8, 20106 Comments

The scenes in Melbourne over the weekend of extensive flooding, especially in the CBD, didn’t surprise me. Although these were unusual events, I recall reading a report some years ago

Inequality - ethics or economics?

Alan DaviesMar 7, 20103 Comments

Distributional issues are at the heart of urban and regional policy.  Most planners, for example, have clear and firm views (at least in their own minds) on the equity implications of

What can we do about traffic congestion?

Alan DaviesMar 6, 201014 Comments

The Federal Government’s State of Australian Cities 2010

What the bookies are saying about the Federal election

Alan DaviesMar 6, 2010

If you’re pondering who will win the next Federal election, you might want to take note of what the bookies think.  According to

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