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Home affordability in Australia

Alan DaviesMar 5, 2010

Claims that home affordability is at disastrous levels appear to be exaggerated.  The always interesting

Limitations of My School

Alan DaviesMar 5, 20108 Comments

The My School web site launched by the Deputy Prime Minister earlier this year has some important lessons for any disciplines t

Decentralising population growth

Alan DaviesMar 4, 201013 Comments

I watched SBS’s Insight program on Housing 36 Million earlier thi

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Infrastructure costs on the urban fringe

Alan DaviesMar 3, 20108 Comments

It is amazing how quickly supposed facts become accepted wisdom. A feature article in The Age last week,

Possible rail link to Melbourne Airport

Alan DaviesMar 2, 201016 Comments

The Age ran an editorial this week a

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