Is the Very Fast Train all huff and no puff?

Alan DaviesApr 27, 2010 23

The idea of a very fast train (VFT) connecting Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne is gaining momentum (again). The

Are smart meters always a smart idea?

Alan DaviesApr 26, 2010 1

You need to be careful with incentive programs that aim to change behaviour by providing consumers with feedback on, for example, their level of electricity consumption. Husband and wi

Is commuting harder on women?

Alan DaviesApr 25, 2010

This study by three University of Sheffield researchers finds that commuting has a detrimental effect on the well-being of women, but not men. The authors explore possible explanations

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Are older drivers a danger to others?

Alan DaviesApr 24, 2010 4

Radio National had a fascinating talk-back session yesterday on older drivers (audio download

More on scooters

Alan DaviesApr 23, 2010 1

Wordpress wouldn’t let me upload my planned post last night or early this morning about Melbourne City Councils' proposals for apartments along tram routes, so I’m trying something

Was Melton a bad idea?

Alan DaviesApr 22, 2010 11

Melton township has a population of around 40,000 (

Will the streets of Melbourne look more like Hanoi than Manhattan in the future?

Alan DaviesApr 21, 2010 14

Given that a high proportion of car trips involve only the driver, I expect that many motorists would respond to dramatically higher fuel prices by shifting to scooters rather than to

Are all suburban centres the same?

Alan DaviesApr 20, 2010 2

How important is transport in addressing climate change?

Alan DaviesApr 19, 2010 3

The Report highlights the key role of the private sector and the ‘market’ in achieving significant and lasting reductions. It also gives a sense of where the largest and the most

Do cities cause divorce?

Alan DaviesApr 17, 2010

The divorce rate is higher in cities (like Melbourne) than it is in the country. But is that because there's something about cities that promotes marital discord? These Danish researche