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How big is Melbourne?

How big is Melbourne?

Alan DaviesMar 26, 201013 Comments

How big is Melbourne really? This issue is ‘front of mind’ this morning because of a recent 

What role for high-rise towers in Melbourne?

Alan DaviesMar 25, 20101 Comment

One approach, Look to the Skies, relies on dense, high-r

Signage 'distorted' at Eureka carpark

Alan DaviesMar 24, 2010

This brilliant signage was designed by Emery Studio (Axel Peemoeller) for the carpark of Melbourne's own

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Cycling in The Netherlands

Alan DaviesMar 24, 20102 Comments

Fascinating video of dedicated route followed by children cycling

Watch what's happening to Google in China

Alan DaviesMar 24, 2010

This isn't related to urbanism or Melbourne, but it is surely one of the most important unfolding issues of the decade.

How to clean a Ferrari

Alan DaviesMar 23, 2010

I'd like to post something on F1 because the Australian Grand Prix is held in Melbourne and starts in a few days. This'll do just fine for the moment because it's about 

Why 'spare infrastructure capacity' is exaggerated

Alan DaviesMar 23, 20107 Comments

Are claims of spare infrastructure capacity in the inner suburbs real? The Age reports that there were almost 30,000 more people living in Coburg and Pascoe Vale in 1976 than there are

Transport disadvantage in the suburbs

Alan DaviesMar 22, 20101 Comment

One of the perennial concerns about suburban sprawl is transport disadvantage. But just how significant is the problem? Most importantly, is it a problem that can only be tackled effect

Electric cars could have 10-20% of the market in 10 years

Alan DaviesMar 22, 2010

Evan Thornley, the CEO of Better Place Australia, predicted on Inside Business yest

Google Maps makes an art of traffic

Alan DaviesMar 21, 2010

Google Maps seems to have spawned a new genre of digital art. This one, Satel