Do the numbers support the Very Fast Train?

Alan DaviesMay 3, 2010 17

At first glance a VFT looks unpromising, since I estimate the capital cost of constructing and maintaining a VFT line from Sydney to Melbourne at about $1.5 billion per year. This is

Is Melbourne really bigger than Los Angeles?

Alan DaviesMay 1, 2010 19

Is architectural criticism critical?

Alan DaviesApr 30, 2010 3

Reviews can sometimes be very scathing. Consider this reviewerâ€

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Is medium density housing on tram routes sustainable?

Alan DaviesApr 29, 2010 20

The major opportunities appear to be on tram routes in the inner suburbs, around

Did good design make Federation Square a success?

Alan DaviesApr 28, 2010 7

Melbourne has had a long and sorry history in its search for a successful city square, but it

Is the Very Fast Train all huff and no puff?

Alan DaviesApr 27, 2010 23

The idea of a very fast train (VFT) connecting Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne is gaining momentum (again). The

Are smart meters always a smart idea?

Alan DaviesApr 26, 2010 1

You need to be careful with incentive programs that aim to change behaviour by providing consumers with feedback on, for example, their level of electricity consumption. Husband and wi

Is commuting harder on women?

Alan DaviesApr 25, 2010

This study by three University of Sheffield researchers finds that commuting has a detrimental effect on the well-being of women, but not men. The authors explore possible explanations

Are older drivers a danger to others?

Alan DaviesApr 24, 2010 4

Radio National had a fascinating talk-back session yesterday on older drivers (audio download

More on scooters

Alan DaviesApr 23, 2010 1

Wordpress wouldn’t let me upload my planned post last night or early this morning about Melbourne City Councils' proposals for apartments along tram routes, so I’m trying something