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Heritage falls victim to planning tribunal rules

Heritage falls victim to planning tribunal rules

December 16, 2016

Guest writer Damien Bonnice argues the developer of this inner city Melbourne project and the planning tribunal rode roughshod over heritage values and good design principles

When is a building worth protecting?

April 4, 2011 6 Comments

The planning Tribunal’s decision on the former AMPOL building highlights a couple of issues about preserving significant buildings. In reaching its decision that demolition could proceed, VCAT’s thinking was that ”a greater community benefit for present and future generations will ensue from the establishment of the Peter Doherty Institute than from retention of the former Ampol […]

Should the old AMPOL building be demolished?

April 3, 2011 19 Comments

The key issue arising from the Elizabeth Tower Motor Lodge case isn’t that the building can now be demolished, but rather what’s proposed to replace it. The former AMPOL headquarters building is noted for its dramatic circular staircase, but its claims to historical significance aren’t compelling. According to the National Trust: Historically, it is of interest […]