September, 2013

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Would an in-vehicle ‘black box’ make the streets safer?

, Sep 04, 2013

If every driver complied with the letter of the road law, the streets would be far safer places. One way to do that would be to make a ‘black box’ recorder mandatory in every vehicle
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An Avalanche of links for urbanists

, Jul 09, 2013

Cool happenings in Paris; Give Way signs for pedestrians; Weird is good for Portland; the streetcar of the future; the largest building in the world; inequality; what makes a work of art seem dated; the economics of 'slut-shaming'; the opportunity cost of streets; and more
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Are millennials the key reason for the fall-off in driving?

, Jun 20, 2013

The miles travelled by car has been falling for some years in developed countries. A new study by US PIRG says a key reason is millennials have lost interest in driving, but some critics disagree
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Could driverless cars reshape our major cities?

, Apr 22, 2013

Car makers say autonomous vehicles are imminent. If so, they could dramatically reshape our cities, yet current long-term planning for our biggest cities assumes they'll never happen
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What drives higher public transport use?

, Oct 08, 2012

The high cost of travelling by car is the main reason why Germany has five times as many public transport users as the US.

Energy efficiency in transport – some surprises!

, Apr 01, 2010

The latest edition of the Transportation Energy Data Book: Edition 28 was released last year by the US Department of Energy (Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy). I’ve derived the accompanying graph from Chapter 2 of the report. There are a couple of points of interest here. In particular, the data shows that load […]