March, 2018

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Should cyclists and walkers be separated?

, Mar 26, 2018

Conflict between cyclists and walkers on shared trails is a growing problem. The default should be separation, as recommended by Infrastructure Victoria
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Is the popularity of cycling on the wane?

, Nov 08, 2017

One interpretation of a recent survey of cycling is that riding is losing popularity in cities. Maybe, or perhaps the numbers fluctuate between surveys in ways that aren't a big worry
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Can Melbourne be the new Amsterdam?

, Sep 05, 2017

It’s an appealing meme, but the idea Australian cities could replicate the experience of Amsterdam if only they had the political will is harder than it might look
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Are kids cycling a whole lot less?

, Aug 30, 2017

A big drop in the number of children's bicycles imported into Australia last year doesn't mean large numbers of children are losing interest in cycling
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What are the prospects for dockless bike share in Australia?

, Jun 20, 2017

Dockless bike share faces a much bigger challenge in Australia than in countries like China, especially given new entrant oBike has to make it work commercially
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A fantasy cycling map for inner Melbourne

, May 22, 2017

Here's master mapmaker Adam Mattinson's vision of what a high quality cycling network could look like in an Australian city. At present, unfortunately, it's sheer fantasy
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Should walking and cycling trails be like freeways?

, Apr 24, 2017

Melbourne's new Darebin-Yarra Link will be more like a freeway than a shared walking and cycling trail; it'll be hard - and unsafe - for nearby residents to get access to it
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How dangerous is cycling?

, Mar 27, 2017

Statistically, cycling is much safer than prospective riders imagine, but it's what they imagine that matters; it still seems too dangerous to generate widespread uptake
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Is the bicycle helmet law such a big deal?

, Oct 04, 2016

The mandatory helmet law isn't a first-order issue for cycling; the evidence that repeal would boost cycling significantly isn't convincing. The main game is infrastructure
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Is cycling on roads getting safer?

, Sep 28, 2016

The risk of riders dying on Australian roads is declining but there's still a lot to be done to make cycling safer; better infrastructure is at the top of the list