May, 2017

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Are Australia’s big cities dense enough?

, May 02, 2017

The extensive suburbs in the middle rings of Australia's east coast capitals explain why the "missing middle" is so much less dense than in comparable Canadian cities
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Does this historic building require more “breathing space”?

, Apr 05, 2016

Critics say a proposed new residential tower to be built next door to Brisbane's historic former Customs House will endanger the heritage values of the old building

Can Australian cities be built with a distinctive look?

, Nov 17, 2015

Some cities like central Paris developed a characteristic built form; they have a distinctive urban character. Brisbane City Council aims to grow the centre of Brisbane with a distinguishing sub tropical spirit
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It’s still ailing, so what next for Melbourne Bike Share?

, Sep 16, 2015

It's been going for five years but Melbourne Bike Share still struggles to generate much interest; it's time to look at other ways this valuable infrastructure could be used
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Is being “the world’s most liveable city” such a big deal?

, Aug 19, 2015

Yet again The Economist's Global Liveability Index is dominated by Australasian and Canadian cities, but it says little about their differences or what they're like to live in permanently
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From Brisbland to Brisvegas: but is it a more interesting place?

, Mar 25, 2015

Like other capital cities, Brisbane has changed enormously over the last 20-30 years, especially in the centre; but it's less clear if it's become a more interesting and distinctive place
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Is Alain de Botton right: is Brisbane ugly?

, Apr 16, 2014

During his visit earlier this month, philosopher Alain de Botton antagonised the Brisbane media by citing the city as tangible proof of his argument that ugliness isn't relative, it's absolute
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Do political values help explain high cycling levels?

, Sep 09, 2013

Cycling to work is high in the inner city and is concentrated in some parts. The vote for The Greens in Saturday's election suggests shared values might be part of the explanation
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Was cyclist’s death just a freak accident?

, Aug 18, 2013

Sadly, another cyclist was killed on the road over the weekend, this time in Brisbane. Police and the media say it was a tragic "freak accident", but that looks like an auto-centric view of the roads
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An Avalanche of links for urbanists

, Jul 09, 2013

Cool happenings in Paris; Give Way signs for pedestrians; Weird is good for Portland; the streetcar of the future; the largest building in the world; inequality; what makes a work of art seem dated; the economics of 'slut-shaming'; the opportunity cost of streets; and more