November, 2017

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How will driverless vehicles change our cities?

, Nov 15, 2017

Once the difficult transition period when human controlled vehicles are still common is over, a world of fully driverless vehicles should be a lot different from today
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Does driving matter for a city’s liveability?

, Oct 18, 2017

Driving will inevitably continue to have a huge impact on the liveability of Australia's growing cities - policy-makers must stop ignoring the car and start "taming" it

The alternative to Fairfax – Saturday reading

, May 06, 2017

Avoiding the Fairfax papers? Here's some interesting, useful, sometimes discombobulating, occasionally contrarian and at times amusing alternative reading, with an urbanist bent

Thursday links

, Apr 20, 2017

Interesting, useful, sometimes provocative and occasionally amusing links for anyone interested in cities
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Will simply building more public transport seriously suppress car use?

, Feb 18, 2016

The Prime Minister’s enthusiasm for cities is welcome. Now he needs to come to grips with the painful reality of how ineffectual most of the fashionable urban policy prescriptions are
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Is it a problem there’s no Minister for Cities anymore?

, Feb 17, 2016

Malcolm Turnbull doesn't need a Minister for Cities; his decision to take direct control of the portfolio is personal. It is very likely, as he says, an improvement on previous arrangements

Recap: all the topics discussed by The Urbanist in September

, Nov 13, 2015

Including cycling, Turnbull's cities policy, bike share, train strikes, walkability, suicide barriers, clustering, CBD towers, a museum of architecture, and more