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congestion pricing


congestion pricing


Are trips by public transport and by car the same?

Are trips by public transport and by car the same?

Alan DaviesJun 11, 201515 Comments

Cars dominate travel in Sydney for all trip lengths over one kilometre. Seriously increasing public transport's mode share is an enormous challenge; it will require making cars less attractive

Is more transport infrastructure all our cities need?

Is more transport infrastructure all our cities need?

Alan DaviesNov 12, 201310 Comments

Australia's capital cities face enormous growth pressures. Will building more motorways and rail lines be enough to ensure they can grow while remaining liveable?

An Adventure of links for urbanists

An Adventure of links for urbanists

Alan DaviesJun 14, 20136 Comments

Comparative subway construction costs, ABC Radio listeners have problems with cyclists, rock and roll economics, bicycle parking robotics in Tokyo, the complications of urban agriculture, musicians don't get science, stop thinking in terms of mpg...

Would road pricing lead to more driving?

Would road pricing lead to more driving?

Alan DaviesNov 13, 201232 Comments

Putting a price on road space seems like a good idea but some analysts argue it could actually increase the amount of driving. In fact there's a point of view that says it would be better to promote traffic congestion.

Why is road pricing a good idea?

Alan DaviesOct 26, 201012 Comments

I’m not aware of anyone who disagrees seriously with the contention that car travel is underpriced. The consequence of this inefficiency is we drive more than we otherwise would and

Is there a case for freeways?

Alan DaviesOct 12, 20103 Comments

I’ve concluded before that the most plausible scenario in the forseea

How to charge for the Big Day Out?

Alan DaviesOct 10, 20102 Comments

47,000 tickets for the Big Day Out at Flemington race course sold out within minutes of going on sale at 9am on Friday. Tickets f

Should public transport users pay their way?

Alan DaviesSep 27, 201010 Comments

Will providing better transit be enough to cope with city growth?

Alan DaviesSep 6, 20109 Comments

It might seem counter-intuitive, but you can’t increase public transport’s share of travel significantly unless you simultaneously do something about cars. Yet this simple relatio

How to pay for public transport?

Alan DaviesSep 1, 20108 Comments

I was pleased to see the call earlier this week by The Age’s city editor, Jason Dowling, for tolling of roads to be introduced in Melbourne (

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