November, 2017

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That was The week That was… w/e 15 October

, Oct 16, 2017

Tw3 provides a brief commentary on stories in the news over the week ending 15 October 2017 bearing on the delights and discontents of urbanism
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Can Melbourne be the new Amsterdam?

, Sep 05, 2017

It’s an appealing meme, but the idea Australian cities could replicate the experience of Amsterdam if only they had the political will is harder than it might look
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August 6 – That was the week that was…

, Aug 06, 2017

A commentary on stories in the news over the week ending 6 August 2017 bearing on urbanism and its discontents
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Why has walking to school stumbled so badly?

, Apr 11, 2017

The proportion of children driven to primary school has raced ahead over the last 30 to 40 years. The standard solutions won't change that by much, but there's hope
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Surely the 30-minute city makes sense for primary school trips?

, Apr 06, 2016

Malcolm Turnbull's 30-minute city idea might look easy at first glance, but even delivering on primary school trips will require a level of commitment and political courage he can't manage
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Managing excessive car use: what’s the low hanging fruit?

, Mar 02, 2016

A study of urban form in the US concludes that increasing the density of population and employment is a slow way to significantly reduce car use compared to directly pricing driving
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Recap: all the doggone topics discussed by The Urbanist in May

, Jun 18, 2015

Including the fashion for small dogs, dog box apartments, barking railway advertising, teaching old dogs to drive, two wheeler rottweiler, collaring the Greens on transport policy, watching a Doggies match, chasing cars, and a ruff deal for Sth Yarra...
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Recap: all the topics discussed by The Urbanist in March

, Apr 10, 2015

A list of the articles published on The Urbanist in the previous month ranging across cycling, trains, favourite cities, heritage, major events, architecture, driving, skyscrapers and apartments
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Are walking and cycling as green as we imagine?

, Mar 22, 2015

Recent research concludes carbon emissions from walking are very large - around the same as taking the bus - and it's mainly down to what we eat. As usual, it's not that simple