December, 2015

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What should we be doing now to prepare for driverless cars?

, Dec 09, 2015

If our cities are going to benefit from the transformative potential of autonomous vehicles, we need to start building a consensus now that they should be implemented strictly as shared vehicles
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How long before driverless vehicles take over cities?

, Jun 10, 2015

Driverless vehicles offer huge potential benefits but it’s unlikely they’ll materialise soon. Besides the regulatory and commercial obstacles, it's still early days for the technology
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Are driverless cars only a generation away?

, Jun 23, 2014

It increasingly seems it's not if we'll be transported in driverless cars but when. There're lots of potential benefits but realising them will be hard. It's likely there'll also be some downsides
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Could driverless cars reshape our major cities?

, Apr 22, 2013

Car makers say autonomous vehicles are imminent. If so, they could dramatically reshape our cities, yet current long-term planning for our biggest cities assumes they'll never happen
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Why can’t Yahoos telecommute anymore?

, Feb 28, 2013

The CEO of Yahoo has directed staff who currently telecommute to start working out of Yahoo offices. The rationale is innovation and collaboration place a high value on face-to-face contact

Are driverless cars coming?

, May 31, 2011

There are nine completely driverless train systems/lines operating in Europe, eight in Asia and six elsewhere. There are a further nineteen in Europe with a “standby driver” or, like London’s Docklands Light Railway, with a “Passenger Service Agent” present on the train, just in case something goes wrong. So Google’s claim that its seven driverless test […]

Are the suburbs like the inner city?

, Oct 05, 2010

Australian suburbs are commonly thought of as low density, single-use dormitories offering residents spacious lots, detached houses, quiet streets and a good measure of “leafy” amenity. Since it is assumed residents commute to the city centre, the suburbs are unsullied by the noise and grind of daily commerce. It’s also commonly implied that the suburbs […]

Watch what's happening to Google in China

, Mar 24, 2010

This isn’t related to urbanism or Melbourne, but it is surely one of the most important unfolding issues of the decade. This site let’s you keep tabs on how the Chinese Government is responding to Google’s ‘provocation’. Pass it on.