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Is public transport as green as you think?

Is public transport as green as you think?

Alan DaviesDec 4, 201221 Comments

It's true emissions from public transport aren't as low relative to cars as is popularly imagined, but the savings are still significant. And there are other good reasons to invest in worthwhile transit services.

Are young adults really dominating public transport use?

Alan DaviesJul 17, 20114 Comments

The world would be a much better place if transport operators would stop spinning patronage numbers to the media and public and start giving us the salient facts instead. The Financi

Is the iPhone why Gen Y love public transport?

Alan DaviesJun 29, 201117 Comments

The “mystery factor” driving faster 

Does concern for the environment drive public transport patronage growth?

Alan DaviesJun 27, 20118 Comments

According to a recent paper, research by the Victorian Department of Transport

How many travellers use the trains?

Alan DaviesJun 8, 201123 Comments

The President of the Public Transport Users Association, Daniel Bowen, posted some “unof

Do we want cars in the city centre?

Alan DaviesMay 9, 201124 Comments

I’ve noted before that only 30% of commuters who work within the Hoddle G

Is transit patronage really growing this fast?

Alan DaviesMay 8, 20115 Comments

I’ve noted before that public transport patronage in Au

Why is public transport patronage increasing?

Alan DaviesDec 1, 20109 Comments

As the accompanying chart shows, public transport patronage has grown sharply in some of Australia’s capitals this past decade but the rate of growth has generally slowed significan

What if the price of petrol doubled?

Alan DaviesNov 10, 201010 Comments

The second chart suggests why the large increases in petrol prices haven't led to wholesale change in travel behaviour. It shows that wages grew at least as fast as the price of petro