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How big can a hospital get?

How big can a hospital get?

Alan DaviesApr 19, 20138 Comments

The Texas Medical Centre concentrates more than 15 hospitals and a range of medicine-related institutions in 1,000 acres. It's a powerful example of the benefits of agglomeration and specialisation

Should the

Should the "20 minute city" be the key objective of planning?

Alan DaviesDec 3, 20129 Comments

Planners seem seduced by the idea that cities are just lots of self-contained villages. But that view misunderstands what cities are about and why they form.

Are "urban villages" living in the past?

Alan DaviesMay 5, 20104 Comments

Whether or not “employment self-sufficiency” can be achieved in practice depends on the level of geography. If we look at Melbourne from a regional perspective, most people alread