June, 2018

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Is Melbourne the new New York?

, Jun 19, 2018

The Age's comparison of the density of Melbourne's CBD with the density of New York City might massage the prejudices of its readers, but it's rubbish
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Are there easy fixes for traffic congestion?

, Nov 01, 2017

Politicans like to sell new roads and rail lines as the solution to traffic congestion but it's an illusion. There are no quick or politically easy fixes for peak-hour traffic
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Should this motorway report be secret?

, Sep 06, 2017

No, Daniel Andrews, you can't spend $1 Billion of public money to get rid of the East West Link and then be secretive about the case for the West Gate Tunnel
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Has the case been made for the West Gate Tunnel?

, Aug 15, 2017

More problems are coming to light with the proposed West Gate Tunnel in Melbourne. The Government needs to do a better job of explaining and justifying this project
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Is popular support for city growth disappearing?

, Jul 12, 2017

No matter what experts think, slowing population growth – and hence immigration – seems to be a very powerful political idea winning support across the demographic board
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Is immigration ruining our cities?

, Jul 03, 2017

The Age ran a set of stories on the weekend geared around the idea that immigration-fuelled population growth is seriously damaging Melbourne’s “celebrated liveability”

Tuesday links

, May 09, 2017

Avoiding the Fairfax papers? Here's some interesting, useful, sometimes discombobulating, occasionally contrarian and at times amusing alternative reading, with an urbanist bent
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What’s the future for Essendon Airport?

, Feb 22, 2017

It didn't take long for the blame game to emerge following yesterday's tragedy at Essendon, but it's better to find out what really happened and why before making policy
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Will population growth ruin a city’s liveability?

, Feb 20, 2017

Population growth brings risks and will change the character of a city like Melbourne if it continues, but it's more likely to make it a better place for most residents
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Does the impact on trains kill the case for this road?

, Dec 20, 2016

It's estimated Melbourne's proposed North East Link motorway will reduce train boardings by 25,000 per day - sounds awful, but as usual there's more to it