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Weekend reading 14/15 October

Alan Davies October 13, 2017

How popular were trains, trams and cycling in 1951?

How popular were trains, trams and cycling in 1951?

Alan Davies August 17, 2015 4 Comments

Back in 1951, public transport still dominated the journey to work in Australian cities. For example, it accounted for more than half of work trips in Melbourne; only 20% of workers commuted by car

Can the Greens’ tram plan be taken seriously?

Can the Greens’ tram plan be taken seriously?

Alan Davies July 17, 2014 41 Comments

The Victorian Greens are promising to extend Melbourne's tram network in the run up to the State election, but the party has no business plan and has seriously underestimated the cost

Lower fares are good politics, but are they good policy?

Lower fares are good politics, but are they good policy?

Alan Davies March 26, 2014 28 Comments

It’s an election year in Victoria and so the gravy train’s already leaving the station. It’s obvious the Government’s rattled on public transport and says it'll lower fares. But is that good policy?

Is improving public transport really this easy?

Is improving public transport really this easy?

Alan Davies November 25, 2012 29 Comments

Fairfax contributor John Legge has a $35 billion vision for the future of public transport that's proving popular with readers. Sadly, it's not that simple.

Do Melbourne’s trams need conductors?

Alan Davies October 27, 2011 24 Comments

On the face of it, The Green’s case for the reintroduction of tram conductors looks pretty convincing. They say that for a net cost of just $6-9 million p.a., 1,000 conductors could be placed on all of Melbourne’s 500 odd trams from the first service to the last. The Green’s proposal rests firmly on the assumption […]

Is this a real tram ‘network’?

Alan Davies June 2, 2011 23 Comments

The Age reported on Yarra Tram’s new plans for Melbourne’s trams during the week. My perpetual beef with The Age is they don’t provide links to background material and in this case they didn’t even provide a diagram. Not good enough in the digital age! So, here’s a presentation by Yarra Tram’s Clement Michel, as well as […]

How can trams be made better?

Alan Davies May 10, 2011 27 Comments

As a follow-up to yesterday’s discussion on cars (and trams) in the city centre, I thought it would be useful to look at the Melbourne City Council’s draft Transport Strategy Update 2011-2030, which apparently will be considered by Council tonight. This is a big report so for the moment I’ll only look at the section on […]

Do we want cars in the city centre?

Alan Davies May 9, 2011 24 Comments

I’ve noted before that only 30% of commuters who work within the Hoddle Grid – i.e. the area bounded by Spring, Flinders, Spencer and La Trobe streets – drive to work. However only a block or two beyond the city rail loop, the share of work trips taken by car increases steeply to 50-60%, and […]

W Class trams – is this a great opportunity?

Alan Davies August 17, 2010 3 Comments

Melbourne’s W Class trams have serious limitations when it comes to doing what urban transit systems are supposed to do – move people around efficiently and quickly. But they might potentially provide enormous benefits – particularly in relation to tourism and city “branding” – that could make their continued operation (and expansion!) more than worthwhile. […]