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Is the

Is the "20-minute city" mostly spin?

Alan DaviesAug 9, 20174 Comments

It seems an attractive idea, but the 20-minute city is more about marketing than substantive policy. Of course politicians love it; the rest of us have no excuse for being gullible

The bridge: does it have to carry cars to be successful?

The bridge: does it have to carry cars to be successful?

Alan DaviesJul 16, 20146 Comments

A new car-free bridge in Brisbane shows that strategically selected investment in bus, bicycle and walk infrastructure can have a huge effect on how people travel and where they choose to live

Should the

Should the "20 minute city" be the key objective of planning?

Alan DaviesDec 3, 20129 Comments

Planners seem seduced by the idea that cities are just lots of self-contained villages. But that view misunderstands what cities are about and why they form.

Are there multiple 'Melbournes'?

Alan DaviesDec 9, 20106 Comments

The stereotype of people travelling long distances in Australian cities is wrong but persistent. The reality is that most trips are relatively close to home. For example, the accompa

Why does Canberra have more social capital?

Alan DaviesOct 13, 20103 Comments