October, 2017

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Does driving matter for a city’s liveability?

, Oct 18, 2017

Driving will inevitably continue to have a huge impact on the liveability of Australia's growing cities - policy-makers must stop ignoring the car and start "taming" it
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Recap: all the topics discussed by The Urbanist in June

, Jul 24, 2015

Including food deserts, cities in the future, fuel excise, apartment standards, bicycle-friendly cities, driverless cars, public transport vs cars, cultural precincts, Sydney vs Vancouver, and more
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Would a world of driverless cars be all beer and skittles?

, Jun 30, 2015

A speculation on some of the wider and less commonly cited changes - not all positive - that might happen in a would where autonomous vehicles have replaced human controlled vehicles
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Recap: all the topics discussed by The Urbanist last month

, May 14, 2015

A list of the articles published on The Urbanist in April 2015, including driving vs public transport, cycling to rail stations, designing memorials, living in high-rise towers, and more
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Future transport: what can we learn from New Zealand?

, Jan 20, 2015

Many long term strategic plans for Australian cities say little about the future they're actually planning for. Policy makers could learn a lot from New Zealand's Future Transport project
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Is more transport infrastructure all our cities need?

, Nov 12, 2013

Australia's capital cities face enormous growth pressures. Will building more motorways and rail lines be enough to ensure they can grow while remaining liveable?
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Are millennials the key reason for the fall-off in driving?

, Jun 20, 2013

The miles travelled by car has been falling for some years in developed countries. A new study by US PIRG says a key reason is millennials have lost interest in driving, but some critics disagree
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How has city travel changed over the last century?

, Feb 12, 2013

The long view of travel in Australian cities shows the rapid decline of public transport and the remarkable ascendancy of cars. The latter still overwhelmingly dominates urban travel
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Are millennials driving less?

, Nov 11, 2012

It's common knowledge that Gen Y is driving less than previous generations did at the same age. A new study comparing millennials' travel behaviour in six countries suggests it's a more complex and interesting story.