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Is High Speed Rail a no-brainer or a boondoggle?

Is High Speed Rail a no-brainer or a boondoggle?

Alan Davies August 8, 2013 37 Comments

The Greens want to accelerate construction of High Speed Rail between Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Many progressives take it as given that HSR is obviously a good thing, but is it?

What are the benefits of east coast High Speed Rail?

What are the benefits of east coast High Speed Rail?

Alan Davies November 30, 2012 25 Comments

The Greens released a report this week claiming an east coast High Speed Rail line would deliver benefits of $48 billion. Trouble is, it would cost much more than this to build and would mainly benefit regional leisure travellers

Do Tiger Airway's woes mean we need HSR?

Alan Davies July 6, 2011 10 Comments

I guess it was only a matter of time before someone would see Tiger Airway’s current troubles as evidence Australia needs High Speed Rail (HSR) between Sydney and Melbourne. That someone is a Mr Peter Appleton of Brown Hill, who wrote to The Age saying “with the halt of flights, we are back to Third World […]

Is High Speed Rail the new NBN?

Alan Davies November 3, 2010 8 Comments

The Federal Minister for Transport, Anthony Albanese, released the Terms of Reference on the weekend for the High Speed Rail (HSR) study promised during the election campaign. I’m very disappointed with Mr Albanese’s approach. He says the first phase of the study, which will be completed by July 2011, will: focus on identifying possible routes, corridor […]

HSR feasibility study: what should it address?

Alan Davies September 18, 2010 5 Comments

There’s a long history of rent-seeking in Australia over major projects. Business puts a lot of effort into lobbying government and the media to subsidise projects the private sector wouldn’t otherwise touch with a bargepole. So when IPA (Infrastructure Partnerships Australia) – the nation’s peak infrastructure lobby group – releases a new study calling for […]

What will high speed rail do for regional development?

Alan Davies August 2, 2010 12 Comments


High speed rail – are the Greens as shallow as the rest?

Alan Davies August 1, 2010 12 Comments

The Greens call for a high speed rail connection between Sydney and Melbourne is populism at its worst.

Forecasting patronage: it's easy, isn't it?

Alan Davies July 4, 2010 2 Comments

California's High Speed Rail project provides another instance of the high level of risk involved in forecasting patronage

The VFT and Green's preferences

Alan Davies June 19, 2010 3 Comments

Gary Johns thinks the Very Fast Train might be the price the Government pays for Green preferences at the next Federal election

Has the very fast train run out of steam?

Alan Davies May 26, 2010 9 Comments

The idea of very fast trains on the Sydney-Canberra-Melbourne corridor seems to have run out of steam after an initial flurry earlier this year when the CRC for Rail Innovation and the Greens both called on the Federal Government to fund a major concept study. There has been very little in the popular media since […]