“I was the last one in the death link”: A response to Samuel Maoz’s Lebanon

Oct 24, 2012

As with Ari Folman’s animated documentary Waltz with Bashir, this film is most commonly viewed as a

Exercise caution with KONY 2012

Mar 8, 2012 1

A brief comment on the KONY 2012 that has flooded social media over the last two days. I would suggest exercising extended  critical reflection on the issue before further circulating

A response to Luca Lana's <em>Eclipse 1</Em>

A response to Luca Lana’s Eclipse 1

Mar 2, 2012

The Abrahamic religions – Christianity, Judaism, and Islam – all attach an unrivalled degree of sacredness to the city of Jerusalem. Even today for their followers it remains

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Notes from Occupied Melbourne, 2012

Feb 15, 2012 13

a) Why, it’s kicking off everywhere... except Melbourne It’s been a wild year. After two to three years of seeming paralysis after the GFC, things kicked off. In

What do we mean by ‘sexist’ when we refer to the criticisms of Gillard?

Feb 9, 2012 10

The lack of agreement on the question of whether undue criticism of Gillard is sexist boils down to how we think about sexism. Is sexism something we view at an individual level or a

From the Worrier Pose to Narcissisasana (and Back): why it might be no bad thing if yoga wrecks you

Feb 2, 2012 4

We know how yoga can wreck your body. But I wonder: isn’t it more that we’v

Homeland: TBH TV Review

Jan 31, 2012 8

Airing on Sunday nights is a new TV drama, Homeland, which explores the phenomenon of 'sleeper cells'. Understandably, this show seeks to position itself as something other tha

Update: Colbert’s (sort of) presidential campaign

Jan 27, 2012 7

Last week, comedian Stephen Colbert announced

Celebrate Australia Day, $3.99!

Celebrate Australia Day, $3.99!

Jan 25, 2012 15

Australia Day used to be controversial. I kinda liked that. I remember going to the Big Day Out in Sydney 1996 on Australia Day and hearing Rage Against the Machine’s Zack de la Rocha

Fitter, happier, more productive: this yoga harms?

Jan 24, 2012 1

By this stage in January, your resolutions are probably in the process of being sorely tested. Especially when the tennis is on, the sun is shining, and the afternoons are just so dream