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Oct 18, 2008

More on the doomed NAB social media 'experiment'

I've already posted twice about this (here and




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2 thoughts on “More on the doomed NAB social media ‘experiment’

  1. Social media star killed the banking experiment « Beyond Digital Media

    […] (Update: Here are two posts on this topic by Crikey Blogger Trevor Cook. One with his opinion about the fallout and another with several other post-mortems.) […]

  2. Thomas Paine

    I wonder if the NAB had clear idea why they were doing it and what they wanted to achieve? Inevitably banks attract criticisms especially from loan defaulters or person just spending 30 minutes lined up in the local bank.

    I can’t imagine they would expect friendlies coming to their site for a friendly chat because they had nothing better to do. First thing is those most motivated to visit will be those with a beef. Next will be those trying to work something out and looking for answers.

    Their responses should have been exactly the same as if the customer was in their branch. When a client blows a fuse the banker waits peacefully then continues on as if nothing had happened. These guys don’t really get it. Customers will never see things the same way as them so it is pointless going defensive.

    I can’t imagine what the topics of discussion would have been for general banking.

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